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Pakistani Grooming Gangs: The True Face of Diversity

Grooming gangs targeted young white girls.

As more details emerge of yet another Pakistani grooming gang brought to justice, this time in Newcastle, the sensitive issues that surround such cases are well and truly back in the spotlight. That is to say that people are once more debating the role that race and religion played in this recent case and in those that came before, with many now waking up to the fact that these crimes were not just depraved in the extreme, but quite clearly racially motivated.

Of the 18 ‘people’ convicted in the recent Newcastle case, 17 are men who’s ethnic background is of the Indian sub-continent or the middle-east. In light of this, and the fact that the victims are all white English girls, there have been calls from senior MP’s for the sentences received by these perpetrators to reflect the racial motivations of their crimes.

This will be seen as a hollow gesture by those who have followed the grooming gangs scandal over the last 20 years. Up and down the length and breadth of England, thousands of white English girls have fallen victim to these gangs of Asian and African men, yet up until now the authorities have been in complete and utter denial about the motivations for these crimes, preferring instead to focus on cover-ups and misinformation in order to quell “the far-right”.

For the preceding 2 decades, the very same politicians and media personalities now emboldened to speak up were crying racist at all those who dared to even discuss the scandals, let alone suggest motives that we now know to be obvious.

Rotherham, 1997-2010

It is with bitter irony that one notes the Rotherham grooming gangs were in operation during the years of Labour Party rule, but this goes some way to explaining the failings of the authorities not just to recognise that these were racially aggravated crimes, but to acknowledge they were taking place at all.

Since 2010, 24 men and 4 women have been charged with a litany of crimes, including rape, conspiracy to rape, sexual intercourse with a girl under 13, false imprisonment, trafficking, aiding and abetting rapists and grievous bodily harm, amongst other things. It hardly needs reinforcing but for the benefit of anybody still in any doubt, the majority of perpetrators were men of a Pakistani Asian background and followers of the Islamic faith.

The abuse culminated in the 2010 murder of 17-year-old Laura Wilson, who was stabbed 40 times before being dumped in a canal by her ex-boyfriend, who – surprise, surprise – was of Asian Pakistani origin. It was this event that finally shook the authorities into taking the allegations more seriously, as they had up until this point refused to act despite numerous victims coming forward.

Rotherham Grooming Gangs Convicts
A selection of the Rotherham convicts.

When an enquiry was finally launched into the scandal in 2014, the independent investigators found that there had been colluded and systematic failings on behalf of the Labour-led council and the local authorities. On the back of the findings, then-Home Secretary Theresa May accused the council of harbouring a culture of “covering things up”.

Eventually, the Labour leadership of Rotherham council’s positions became untenable and those with any shred of dignity remaining resigned, except the Labour Police & Crime Commissioner who had to be asked repeatedly by the Home Secretary to step down before finally doing the decent thing.

Labour MP Denis MacShane, who represented a Rotherham constituency from 1994 until his resignation for fiddling expenses in 2012, claimed that nobody spoke out against the grooming gangs out of “not wanting to rock the multicultural community boat”. As with many leftist politicians, MacShane demonstrated a momentous lack of self-awareness being one of the politicians who was “afraid to rock the multicultural community boat”.


Rochdale, 2008-2010

In 2008, a victim of Asian grooming gangs went to the police to report those operating a sex ring in the Rochdale area. Far from doing their duty to the public interest, the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) refused to prosecute the suspected offenders and instead attacked the credibility of the witness.

It later transpired that a gang of Asian men, mostly of Pakistani origin, had been running a sex and drugs criminal ring in the area, operating out of two takeaways in Heywood. In total, 9 men were convicted of this ring, 8 of whom were Pakistani with the remaining convict an Afghan asylum seeker.

Harrowing stories came out at the time of the trial, with girls explaining to the court how they were raped by 5 or more men at once several times a week. One girl, who was just 15-years-old at the time, was drugged and raped by 20 men at once.

A selection of the Rochdale convicts.

The girls were expected to perform sex acts for multiple men multiple times per day, several days of the week. In return they were given small amounts of cash, vodka and drugs, along with sinister threats of what would happen to them should they be of a mind to report their abusers to the authorities.

The largest sentence for any of the perpetrators was just 19 years’ imprisonment.

Despite the prosecutions and convictions, it transpired that this was just the tip of the iceberg. In 2013 a second sex ring was uncovered by police that had been operating in the Rochdale area between 2005 and 2013 – needless to say that the perpetrators were once again Asian men, whilst the victims were white English girls.

10 men have been charged as a result of the investigations into this second ring.

Labour MP Ann Cryer, one of the few from her party who dared to speak out, said in a 2015 documentary that she went to the police and CPS every week, begging them to act on the mounting evidence against the Pakistani gangs. Of course, they did not because, as Cryer put it, “I think they were too scared of being called racist”.

Oxford, Aylesbury & Bristol

Rotherham and Rochdale are two of the more well known incidences of Asian grooming gangs tar getting white English girls, but they are by no means the only examples.

Between 2004-12, over 300 white English girls in Oxford were targeted by foreign grooming gangs. The stories are all to familiar, with victims being plied with alcohol and drugs, falsely imprisoned, demeaned, degraded and brutally raped by their immigrant abusers.

Just 7 men were charged with offences in relation to this case, 5 of whom were Pakistani with the remaining 2 originating from East Africa. A Serious Case Report conducted by independent investigators after the convictions concluded that Thames Valley Police should have acted sooner, but instead chose to blame the girls and ignore the evidence.

Pakistani Grooming gang
The Oxford convicts.

In Aylesbury, the story is again similar. Young girls told courts of how they were given drugs and alcohol, before being raped and abused by up to 60 men. The children’s charity Bernardo’s claimed to have worked with the victims in 2008 and had flagged them up as vulnerable to sexual exploitation.

Predictably, Buckinghamshire County Council ignored these pleas, instead allowing the victims to be sacrificed at the alter of multiculturalism. The perpetrators were, however, eventually brought to justice, although those involved with the case at the time questioned why the convicts required interpreters to their native languages of Urdu, Hindi and Punjabi, when they had been resident in England for over a decade.

Again, in Bristol we see a similar story; 13 men, this time of Somali origin, ran a sex ring in which they trapped young English girls on hard drugs, passing them around and selling them to their friends who would then rape them repeatedly. Despite this going on for some time, the authorities were again too slow to respond.

Even when a response came, it was feeble. The worst of the perpetrators in the Bristol case, Liban Abdi, was sentenced to just 13 years in prison, despite being convicted of paying for sexual services of a child, supplying cocaine and heroin, a separate charge of assault occasioning actual bodily harm to a prison officer and rape.

Bernardo’s children’s charity reported that the authorities had not adequately solved this case, stating that this was ‘just the tip of the iceberg’. Subsequently it has been revealed that police in Bristol have active investigations ongoing against 49 suspects, but the number who will eventually face trial and conviction for their crimes is another question entirely.

The most vocal response from the local community came from a local headteacher, who wrote in the Guardian newspaper that he was dismayed at how the ethnicity of the offenders had harmed race relations in the city. He went on to declare that it was necessary to dedicate an entire month before the verdicts in the trial were handed down toward “redoubling our efforts to combat racism”.

‘Tip of the Iceberg’

Despite the seemingly endless stream of investigations and prosecutions that are now underway, most experts in the field predict that what we have seen thus far is still just the tip of the iceberg.

Some researchers assert that there could be well in excess of 100,000 victims of foreign grooming gangs in England, with the vast majority (if not all) of the victims being white English girls. There are tales being told from Coventry to Colchester, Halifax to Keighly, and Bradford to Dorchester of young, vulnerable white girls being taken into sex trafficking by predatory Asian rape gangs, yet the authorities remain years behind.

To what extent these will be followed up and prosecuted is still uncertain. What is certain is that the British police are woefully unprepared, not to mention shamefully unwilling to tackle these cases to their fullest extent. Some ex-police officers have even suggested that the authorities are deliberately avoiding investigating these crimes for fear of inciting riots amongst the immigrant communities.


This brings us back round to the very reason these Asian grooming gangs are under the spotlight once more; Newcastle.

In this week just past, 17 men and 1 woman were convicted of a plethora of disgusting sexual offences against scores of young, vulnerable white English girls. This follows 3 previous trials which took place under the cover of a blanket ban on reporting, whereby tens of men from the immigrant communities in the North-East were convicted of similarly disgusting offences.

Operation Sanctuary as it has become known, is the largest investigation of its kind that Northumbria Police have ever dealt with, with 461 arrests made in total after more than 700 victims came forward. Despite the size and scale that we see on the surface, observers have once more noted that this could still be the tip of the iceberg, with potentially thousands of young girls having fallen victim to the predatory gangs.

Racial motives? Soft sentences?

It was this latest case in Newcastle that, after reporting restrictions were finally lifted, has shocked politicians and media personalities into action. Many can now be seen falling over one another to sound the toughest on this issue, despite having ignored it for the best part of two decades.

But they do raise some interesting questions; were these girls targeted for being non-Muslim, or for being white? Should a clause on racial motives be inserted into the sentence of those convicted? Why has the punishment handed down been so soft and, what should it in fact be?

Of course, we can safely assume that the perpetrators wouldn’t have targeted Muslim girls from their own communities for fear of reprisals, but the evidence available does suggest that the victims were chosen on account of their skin colour, as opposed to the God they may or may not pray too. All the court files and police interviews show perpetrators referring to their victims as “white”, not infidels, as many of them allowed their very loose mask to slip with comments such as “white girls are only good for one thing” or “all white girls are slags”.

It is interesting to note that no available reports suggest that any of the victims were, say, black girls of a non-Muslim faith, or Indian girls from the Sikh or Hindu communities. Had these demographics also been a part of the victim profile, then perhaps one could argue that these crimes were religiously motivated, but their absence does further reinforce the point that these were crimes of a racial nature.

This in turn begs the question as to what should change in regards to the sentences that have been handed down? It goes without saying that any right minded individual will agree that the sentences so far have been woefully insufficient. Some of the perpetrators who committed multiple rapes and drug offences against underage girls, for instance, have received sentences less than a decade in length. They’ll be back on the streets within 5 years.

Some will argue that deportation is the best answer, with the Prime Minister having ordered some of the culprits not born in England to be deported back to Pakistan. However, the law is an ass in this instance, for convicts have a habit of spending taxpayers’ money – via anti-English solicitors – to fight deportation for many years, instead enjoying a relatively comfortable stay in a British prison, complete with free housing upon their release.

The unpalatable fact of the matter is that the only punishment befitting of child rapists of any creed or colour is that they be put to death. Gangs such as these cannot be allowed to think they can run amok, abusing English girls, only to be handed a soft prison sentence and full social welfare benefits upon their release.

A short drop and a sudden stop would be beneficial in multiple ways, not least in that it would save taxpayers’ money on prison services, and also as it would act as a deterrent for any would-be offenders who likewise believe they could otherwise get away with such crimes. It would perhaps be the only way that one could reasonably see justice being done, considering the lifelong physical and psychological damage the perpetrators have inflicted on these vulnerable girls.

Don’t Be Fooled!

One thing is for certain; those in public office now feigning outrage in their calls for blood are only doing so to prevent civil unrest. They have seen the anger over these scandals bubbling away under the surface for some time, and believe that now is the time they must speak out or risk widespread riot and protest.

These people are not sorry for what’s happened, they’re only sorry that you’ve found out. They’re sorry that they haven’t been able to conceal the true face of diversity from the English people any longer. After all, was it not under the rule of these same politicians that those from the third world who committed these heinous crimes were invited here in the first place?

And you cannot claim with any integrity that the political class did not know of the backward attitudes harboured in these parts of the world. Even the arch-traitor himself Tony Blair admitted in an interview in 2012 that “large proportions of the Muslim world are not compatible with the west” – another from whom these empty words are too little too late.

The truth is that this old, stale political class cannot be trusted to sort out the mess that they themselves have created. Aside from the fact that they still pray at the alter of multiculturalism, they simply don’t have the stomach to take the necessary decisions.

The English people have a very important choice to make: do we continue along this path toward certain destruction, or do we radically change course to avert this fate at the last?


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