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Norwegian Parliament Proposes Burqa Ban

Norway Will Ban The Burqa

Norway has become the latest European nation to propose a ban on full-face veils in certain public areas.

This particular law will apply to educational institutions, including primary schools and nurseries, where it is vital for people to be able to communicate with one another unhindered, claimed Education Minister Torbjorn Roe Isaksen.

“Garments that cover the face prevent communication that is key for pupils and students in their learning,” said Isaksen. “Norway is an open society where everyone should be able to see each other’s face.”

Interestingly, Norway will be seen to be bucking the liberal trend of Scandinavia, for it will be the first Nordic nation to propose or enact such legislation. Unfortunately, the reluctance of governments in Norway and Sweden to bring in tougher measures against Islamic migrants has made their countries a safe haven for followers of particularly conservative forms of Islam.

This is set to change. The proposed legislation, brought forward by the ruling Conservatives and Progressives (coalition), has widespread support from the other parties, including those of the left.

Of course, the legislation includes provisions for “all full-face veils”, but we all know it’s not native Norwegian folk running around in balaclavas that’s the problem here.

The new law will enable employers to fire employees who refuse to comply, as well as enabling educational institutions to remove people who fail to comply from their course. The law also applies to any language and integration courses that new migrants may take part in.

Norway will be come the latest in a long string of nations and authorities enacting such bans, following on from France, the Netherlands, Belgium, Bulgaria, as well as the German state of Bavaria.

Just a month or so ago, the Austrian government passed a similar ban that extended the prohibition of the burqa to all public places. The law in Austria was part of a wider piece of comprehensive integration measures aimed at forcing Islamic migrants to integrate if they desire inclusion in public life.

Now, we are well aware that these migrants have no intention of integrating, so these laws are more likely than not to push a large number of the more conservative Muslims out. This is fantastic, except they have no intention of giving up their free lunch courtesy of the European taxpayer.

They will simply move to other European nations where there is no such ban in place.

The United Kingdom has become a favourable destination for Muslims escaping integration measures, with many French and Dutch speaking Muslims moving to the Jihadi hotbed of Birmingham, England. Our esteemed Prime Minister has already declared she will not ban the burqa, despite overwhelming support for this policy from the British public.

Sadly, this will act as a pull factor.

Having said that, the fact that more and more European nations are enacting tougher measures against Islamic migrants can only be a good thing.

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