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Norway Repels Millions of Migrants by Portraying Norwegians as Xenophobes

norwegian xenophobes 'Hassan' Comic

Norwegian authorities say they have reached millions of potential migrants through international ad campaigns in which Norwegians are portrayed as, among other things, xenophobes.

By the numbers of the Norwegian Ministry of Justice, websites with targeted messages and short documentary films have convinced potential immigrants to stay in their own countries. Some 11.5 million visited the sites, and the films had some 21 million views. The state funded campaign is ongoing and is being presented in many different languages, writes the Klassekampen.



The films used in the campaign show dramatic images of the ways that human traffickers get into Europe, while the narrator talks about, how many immigrants went missing and how some ended up used as cheap labour. The main message is, if someone wants to find asylum in Norway for financial gain, they won’t be allowed to stay.

After the process of mass migration was started, Norwegian authorities put in motion a campaign with the intent of disenfranchising immigrants and stopping their arrival, particularly because of the high number of deaths in the Mediterranean, for which the EU and many ‘humanitarian’ organisations are responsible for.



Many comics with the same message have appeared in Somalia. In one of those, an immigrant named Hassan applies for asylum in Norway, but is confronted with everyday racism, and exploitation in the labour market. On top of that he has no health insurance and is freezing in the harsh Norwegian winter. In the end Hassan returns to Somalia. The booklet of 95 pages, written in the Somalian language was published in 2014 and some 45,000 copies were distributed to Somalian students.

Somalia is currently one of the countries with which Norway has big issues with regarding immigration, because there is no agreement between the two nations.

On top of all of that, the EU’s Immigration Commissioner – Dimitris Avramopoulos recently called on the Norwegian government to accept even more African immigrants, which the Norwegians refused.

This strategy has proven to be effective, Western countries should take heed.


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