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The Great Replacement, Part 5: Ethnic Norwegians To Become A Minority ‘Within Decades’

New research suggests that native Norwegians will become a minority in their own country ‘within a few decades’. In many parts of their capital, Oslo, they are already outnumbered by migrants and “second generation Norwegians”.

As in many other European countries, the bulk of the damage was done in the last decade or so. Between 2004 and 2013, 300,000 immigrants settled in Norway, with over 40% of these coming from Africa or Asia.

Over the same period, the population of Norway increased by 11%, or 500,000, demonstrating that it’s not just immigration that’s fuelling the demographic crisis, but also the high fertility rates of immigrant groups.

Of course, one could be forgiven for mistaking such an increase for a Norwegian baby-boom. However, Statistics Norway (Statistisk sentralbyrå, SSB) found that over the same period, the number of native Norwegians – classified as those who’s parents and grandparents were all born in Norway – fell by 4,500.

Norwegians Native Ethnic Norway Minority
Soon, images of native Norwegians like this will be found only in history books.

In simple terms, there are more Norwegians dying or emigrating than are being born or returning from abroad. The fact that the country’s population has significantly increased in spite of this is further evidence of The Great Replacement in action.

Statistics Norway also found that, as of 2013, those of an immigrant background accounted for 23% of the population. In a country of just 5.1 million people, to have 1.1 million citizens of foreign extraction is challenging both culturally and demographically.

To counter the demographic replacement that is taking place, native Norwegians would have to drastically increase their fertility rate. The number of live births per mother in Norway stands at 1.75 as of 2015, well below the re-population rate of 2.1 that is required.

There is little cause for optimism however, as Norway has not seen fertility rates at a level required to sustain their share of the population since 1974, when it sat just above the replacement rate at 2.13.

Native Norwegians Ethnic Minority Norway
Now you see them, soon you won’t,…

Decades of financial pressure and anti-family social policies enacted by both the national and European legislative bodies have made it both financially difficult and socially unattractive for native women to have a family. In comparison, there is nobody shaming Mr and Mrs Migrant for claiming child benefits for their 7 children.

The demographic damage continued in 2015 when Norway became a popular destination for asylum seekers from Iraq and Afghanistan. Despite not being a member of the European Union, the country is a signatory of the EU Dublin Agreement which essentially allows migrants to pick and choose their destination.

Norway was ranked fourth in terms of refugee intake per capita in 2015, only behind the likes of Sweden and Germany. Whilst the number of asylum applications have dropped both in 2016 and 2017 (so far), the damage has been done and it is proving extremely difficult for the authorities to remove bogus asylum claimants.

Norway has suffered greatly from this demographic shift. Like Sweden, the criminality of some migrants has become apparent particularly in the capital Oslo, where 100% of Assault Rapes (violent rapes between strangers) were reported to have been committed by non-European immigrants.

Just last month there were incidents of mass ‘vehicle torching’ taking place in areas populated predominantly by Muslim migrants. Police predictably claimed they could see no link between the fires and migrants, but sources reported immigrant males burning cars and shouting “we’re going to make Malmö” – a reference to the lawless Swedish city that is host to a large number of non-European immigrants.

Alas, this is the future the government of Norway has chosen for its citizens. It is a choice that the governments of many a western European country have also made, despite having the chance to do otherwise.

Perhaps in time, with their cities on fire and their daughters violated, the instigators of this sinister social experiment will finally realise that they’ve made a terrible mistake.

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