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No ‘White Privilege’ For English Children

No 'White Privilege' For English Children

The issues surrounding race and integration have been somewhat taboo in the United Kingdom ever since Enoch Powell’s famous Rivers of Blood speech in 1968. In said speech, he prophesized that “in 20 years in this country, the black man will have the whip hand over the white man” – what he was referring to was the race relations legislation that was being discussed by parliament at the time. He (correctly) predicted that legislation that protected certain immigrant groups based on their racial background was the beginning of a slippery slope that would lead to native English people becoming second class citizens in their own land.

Nearly five decades on from Powell’s prophetic speech, people of this country are gradually coming to see the evidence with their own eyes that he was in fact correct. This is born out no more clearly than in our classrooms, where white English children are having a tougher time than ever to achieve thanks to the disadvantaged position they are now forced to start from.

There is a common myth amongst leftists, politically correct establishment morons and Buzzfeed aficionados that white people have some mystical ‘privilege’ simply by way of being white, yet all the evidence points in the exact opposite direction.

White English children are now the most under-performing ethnic group in schools in this country, with just 28.3 of working class white boys achieving GSCE grades A*-C (pass). The national average is 62.4%, showing that there is a clear issue here.

Of course, many will push the common argument that poor white children are just stupid, or that their parents are drunkards or some other cruel stereotype, but in actual fact this is not supported by any scientific study. What the data shows is that white English children are the third best ethnic group in terms of hitting classroom targets at age 5, only behind Indians and mixed race (British and Asian) children. However, by age 16, white British children have slipped behind 12 ethnic groups, below Irish, Bangladeshi and even black African children.

To break this down, this suggests that at age 5, Darwin’s theory is playing out as it should – children are performing roughly based on their expected natural IQ, which would place white British people near the top with an average IQ of 100. However, somewhere along the line during their time at school, an external influence is negatively affecting their performance or giving other ethnic groups an unfair advantage. There are the obvious factors such as multilingual classrooms always affecting the native speakers the most, as well as non-native children being more likely to receive extra tuition for English language skills even when they are fluent.

But the real question is, what affect are the teachers themselves having on this process? We already know that the majority of school teachers in the state education system are leftist sympathisers and the National Union of Teachers (the largest trade union for school teachers) recently adopted a motion in which they unilaterally refused to teach British values on account of it representing ‘cultural supremacy’ – it is this sort of subversive action that makes one think that these people could be active players in the process of white British children falling behind their ethnic minority counterparts throughout the education system.

All we know is that white English children of the current generation will never even know white parity, let alone ‘privilege’. It is just one of many examples of how native white British people are becoming second class citizens, destined to be ruled over in their own lands, just as Mr Powell predicted all those years ago.

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