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The Never Ending Rise of Anti-White Politics in the UK

Identity Politics

Identity Politics in the UK

The UK prides itself on being moderate and liberal, our right wing conservatives are to the left of the USA’s democrats, and our Labour party is embracing Marxism and flying the Hammer and Sickle flag at their annual conference while extolling the virtues of the failed state of Venezuela.

Most of us long considered ourselves to be moderate, mostly liberal voters but lately it seems we’re at a loss. Choosing between a conservative government which sees Prime Minister May wearing a hijab and kowtowing to a tiny minority of Muslims, whilst allowing a record breaking 650,000 migrants in in per year, it feels like there is no moderate centre ground anymore, let alone a right wing.

The creeping fringe of left politics has slowly but surely marched across the entire political spectrum until the average UK voter feels somewhat out in the cold, a choice between Marxist Pro-IRA loons and a conservative party which has never conserved anything and seems intent on going back on Brexit that the people voted for.

When I was young, the left was for those with compassion, who wanted to do the right thing, the right were considered mean rich people who hated everyone else. Tories were for the rich, Labour for the poor. It was simple.

Then came the rise of identity politics, it began as a harmless “what if” style thought exercise in universities and left-wing think tanks, wherein people pondered whether they had been helped by privilege, or being born middle class, or in a nice neighbourhood.

Today identity politics has become a full-blown religion, with a gospel of guilt, original sin (being White), and a demand that those who have sinned constantly seek penance.

It’s no longer enough to favour anti-discrimination, to claim not to see race, or to support minorities. It’s not enough to simply live and let live, it’s expected that all white people must embrace a hierarchy of oppression and constantly berate yourself and other white people because we are all racist purely for being white

It starts before we even reach primary school, 6 and 9 month old white babies are racist, a 3 year old can be arrested for racism and if your child is given a science project with 3 children who don’t speak English and asks for partners who can, they are also an evil racist and will be arrested. And this has led to a new sport among the left; attempting to find any part of your family tree no mater how distant so they can also claim minority status and be oppressed.

This religion offers no solutions, it has no purpose other than to oppress White British and paint us as the evil-doers in our own country, but it’s great for the fanatical left and Labour fans who once they feel they have atoned for their own racial sins (usually by discovering they are somehow an oppressed minority and therefore exempt) they can put on a badge and claim their work is done. They are now the oppressed too!

Next step, diversity.

Next the left decided to ally with a completely bizarre bed-fellow in order to find more victims, and make everyone an Islamophobe.

The enemy of my enemy is my friend is something the left love to practice, so they have no problem embracing a fanatical cult with a record on women’s rights, LGBTQ and other civil rights issues worse than Hitler’s as long as they’re also an oppressed minority! British Feminists have embraced the hijab as a symbol of feminism not for any particular reason other than it’s associated with Islam and why not? Nothing they do needs to make sense, as long as they’re somehow being oppressed.

Any politician or British person on the right-wing spectrum who said that gays should be stoned would be sentenced to jail for hate crimes, but Labour invite Muslims who say the same to speak to Parliament. The left are so in love with radical Islam that they marched through London with known terrorists and Labour MPs were present. Corbyn even took money from a regime which hangs gay people from cranes, whilst claiming he champions gay rights.

Their obsession with championing Muslims has gotten so bad that they routinely deny or coverup crimes by Muslims, including the rape of 1400 children, in order to protect their favourite class of people from any criticism, give them shorter sentences if they attack white people, (there’s another example here) and deny that organised gangs of Muslim men exclusively targeting White children, including brutal sex attacks, torture and even branding them are not racist.

As if they could possibly make it any worse, the same judges then rule that a man who raped an Asian girl deserves a harsher punishment because his victim was Asian and they value honour more than White people.

A White Briton born and raised in the UK is deported to Australia for a paperwork oversight, yet after 9 years they can’t deport most terror suspects and give them unlimited taxpayers money to fight.

A foolish man named Kevin Creehan left bacon outside a Mosque, was given 1 year in jail and died inside, whilst a Muslim who spat on a pregnant woman and her baby and said “white people shouldn’t breed” didn’t serve a day in jail.   To make it worse again, after every terror attack they are more concerned with the idea of “Islamophobic” reprisals such that their focus is on reassuring Muslims instead of worrying about the people who just had their limbs blown off and loved ones murdered, despite the fact that these attacks are almost non-existent.

The same people who tell us after every Islamic Terror Attack that we are united, sing songs and light candles, then violently condemn the entire right wing when one mentally ill man drives a van into a crowd and scares one man into a heart attack. They then use that lone lunatic as proof that the right wing boogeyman is just as large a threat as that of Islamic Terror which is killing Europeans by the hundreds.

Is it any wonder that the average Briton is getting fed up? Where is our identity politics? Why are we alone being left to wonder who is looking out for us? Well don’t worry, Labour is looking out for us.

Labour MP David Lammy has said White men are incapable of holding government jobs and Dianne Abbott has called for all-black shortlists of candidates in Elections, yes the same Dianne Abbott known for making remarks about all White people being racist and that violent Black Lives Matters protests are understandable

David Lammy has claimed the UK justice system is completely unfair towards minorities and that they should even be allowed to get away with crimes to make it more fair, and also understands the violent protestors behind Black Lives Matter burning down and looting their own neighbourhoods.

They’re increasingly cracking down on hate speech, going so far as to literally classify anything that might cause offense or could be conceived to cause offense to be a CRIMINAL act, and also hate speech is now violence so violence against mean words is now self defence, and everyone is free to punch a Nazi, which these days means anyone who criticises any of the protected class of people including Muslims, Transgenders, Gays, Minorities or absolutely anyone who decides they are anything other than a White British person. Hate speech used to be directing violence, now it’s anything they want it to mean. If you call someone a dickhead, that could legitimately be classed as a hate crime.

The Final Step, 92 genders for all!

The last and craziest part of our march into loony left Identity Politics is the embracing of the transgender movement. 10-20 years ago this was people who wanted to be the opposite gender, and pretty much just got on with their lives, then the loony Left Identity Politics discovered them and realised it was the IDEAL way to become an oppressed minority. Just become another gender, or claim you don’t know your gender and you too are an oppressed minority, with legal protection in case someone accidentally uses the wrong pronoun for you (yes, that too is a hate crime) you can even be a man and attend a female only college just by proclaiming you are in fact a woman

Gender is just a social construct they claimed, so anyone can be anything, and the entire Loony left are now protected minorities. Even a slight bit of doubt, or concern about this agenda like taking your kid out of a school where they’re encouraging kids to be transgender will get you on TV and compared to ISIS the lunatics who throw gays off buildings. Never mind the science showing most kids grow out of it and an increasing amount of people regret the surgery, schools are now adopting gender neutral uniforms and encouraging kids to come out as transexual before they’re even 10 years old. 

White people are excluded from all this, as long as you don’t count the White victims of crime, and the White children being encouraged to become transgender, but we’re not excluded from our original sin, white men are banned from Student Unions, and we are apparently just as racist as the USA so even if you think YOU aren’t personally racist, rest assured, the Left believe you are a Nazi.

And what do we get for it? Well if you’re English the police might not respond to your 999 call and the BBC is committed to hiring 50% non-White candidates in an 85% White nation so don’t hope for a job there, if you criticize a Black MP you’re a racist and if you’re not ACTIVELY fighting racism where ever you can, you are also a massive racist.

In essence, the Labour Left has embraced a religion called Identity Politics, one where all White people are to blame for everything, where we can never do enough to make up for it, and where the only thing we can ever do to make up for it is to not exist. In essence, they have created an environment where all non-Whites are encouraged to hate and discriminate against White people, and this is the reason for the resurgence in Anti-White crime, not just in the USA with the recent Las Vegas shootings, but here too with one third of white Britons feeling they are subjected to racism and expect this to increase steadily unless something is done about the constant pushing of Identity Politics from Labour, Corbyn and especially Dianne Abbot and David Lammy.

Where will it end?

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