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Native Germans Now A Minority In Frankfurt


Ethnic Germans are now a minority in Germany’s fifth largest city, according to a new government report.

The report, entitled ‘Frankfurt Integration and Diversity Monitoring‘, shows that Frankfurt now has ‘no clear majority’ in terms of ethnic groups that comprise the city’s ethnic groupings.

Turks are the largest non-German group, accounting for 13% of the city’s population.

51.2% of Frankfurt’s population falls into the following categories; non-Germans, ‘Germans’ of immigrant descent, or the rather innocuous “German citizens born abroad”.

One can almost imagine the glee in the voice of the city’s integration secretary, the SPD’s Sylvia Weber, when she declared, “The trend is clear. We are a city without a majority.”

Image from an article entitled "The New Germans"
Image from an article entitled “The New Germans”

The implication of the politicians is that, of course, we should rejoice in the demise of the German race.

However, the report demonstrates the disparities in terms of earning potential and, therefore, the potential to contribute towards the public purse.

According to the most recent statistics, 83% of native German men and 78% of native German women are in employment. In comparison, only 73% of non-German men and just 59% of non-German women are employed.

Despite this being a persistent trend in Germany and across Europe, we are still led to believe that immigrant taxes will pay for the baby boomers in their old age.

The influx of Merkel’s migrants will ensure that this is a trend that repeats itself in cities right across Germany, with historic conurbations like Munich, Berlin, Dusseldorf and Hamburg already becoming completely unrecognisable in the space of just one generation.



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