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Native Britons To Be Minority By 2066

No Britons to be seen

By the year 2066, native Britons will be a minority in their own homeland. That is the generally accepted academic consensus in the United Kingdom, based on a report by Oxford Professor of Demography David Coleman that investigated the impacts of mass migration on the British Isles.

According to the report, the United Kingdom is likely to overtake the United States as ‘the great melting pot of the world’ if current trends continue, with foreign born and non-white residents of the country numbering a third of the overall population by 2040.

In the report, Professor Coleman also notes that falling fertility rates amongst native British families are accelerating the great replacement of our people:

Alongside migration, falling birth rates among white Britons were also said to account for Britain’s shifting demographic composition.

The report said that a quarter of babies in Britain had foreign-born mothers. The calculations of future demographic trends are based on the current net rates of immigration.

The fertility rate of British-born women currently sits at 1.78 which is considered benchmark for native families. However, this figure includes the fertility rate of women of non-white descent who just happened to be born in the country, who have considerably more children than native women.

The fertility rate of native women can be more accurately estimated to be about 1.2, clinically below what is considered to be the replacement rate for an ethnic group (2.1).

Defend Europa Opinion: The greatest crime of the modern world, far greater in severity than any war crime, is the state-sanctioned replacement of the native peoples of Europe in their own homelands. Great Britain has had this enforced change gradually build in momentum since 1997, so that they are now in a position as a nation from which there can be no return through existing socio-political structures. Back in 1968, Enoch Powell warned that this change was taking place and he was cast out like a leper by his political contemporaries. He was in fact an astounding visionary who foresaw the problems that immigration from the third world would pose. The British establishment continued on their path of ethnic suicide regardless so that we are in a position now whereby less than 80% of British society are natives to that land. Birth rates were lowered by Marxist doctrines that encouraged British families to not have children, whilst immigrants were brought in to replace the British children that were never born. This is a crime. This is genocide.

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