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Muslim Man Spits in Woman’s Face for Putting up Christian Sign in Hartlepool Community Centre

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A Muslim man has been charged with assault after spitting in the face of a community centre manager. The attack took place in Hartlepool, England, on the afternoon of 22nd January 2017.

Said Ahmed Latif, 36, is an attendee of the community centre’s mosque. He became outraged when a Christian sign reading “Church of God” was put up inside.

Latif, who has a previous conviction for actual bodily harm, explained his reasons for the attack: “We are a small ethnic community, they’ve put a church group sign up saying ‘Church of God’ right next to the door to the mosque. I said ‘Can you move the sign to the other side?’ … I did spit at her, I lost my temper.”

Judge Cousins, who delivered the sentence, said: “I regard this as very serious. Spitting at someone is very serious.” Despite this, taxi driver, Latif, was only given 60 hours unpaid community service for the assault and was order to pay £50 in compensation to his victim.

It was reported that, initially, Latif had raised his hand to hit his victim, but then decided against it. He then chose to spit in her face instead. His victim, who was obviously distraught at the ordeal, described her feelings following the event: “I was really upset about what happened. In 15 years, I’ve never had anything like this happen to me. He tried to bully me and certain members of staff to only let in certain members of the community. He was saying: ‘Why are you letting them use the centre?'”



This isn’t the first report we’ve seen of Muslim men spitting at people. Two months ago, it was reported in the UK that Muslim Rezzas Abdulla spat in the face of a baby girl. He then shouted at the baby’s mother: “White people shouldn’t breed”. Rezzas Abdulla, who has two previous convictions for race-hate attacks on white females, was also spared jail.

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