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Munich Stabbings: More Migrant Madness?

Afghan migrants arrested raped homeless woman Munich

Bavarian police say they’ve arrested a man in connection with a mass-stabbing incident in Munich, which left 8 Germans injured earlier today including a 12-year-old boy.

Officially, the police have stated there is “absolutely no indication of a terrorist, religious or political motive” for the attack. In predictable fashion, Munich police chief Hubertus Andrae told a press conference “I assume it is to do with a psychological disorder of the perpetrator”.

Now, whilst there is no hard evidence to suggest this was another migrant crime, there is no harder evidence to negate the theory. And as we know, “mental illness” is one of their favourite lines to cover for foreigners acting in this way.

A further indicator that this could be another migrant incident is the media’s description of the man as a “local German” – an oxymoron, perhaps, but who could forget the midnight-black Somali the media described as a “mentally-ill Norwegian”?

As aforesaid, this is all just speculation. It could have been a simple case of a homeless man with psychological disturbance, who finally realised a prison cell is more comfortable than the streets.

But always approach such simplistic explanations for crimes that seem somewhat alien for native Europeans to commit. The media-police-government collusion in covering up these cases is, by now, well documented.


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