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“Millions Of Africans” Will Flood Europe, Says European Parliament President

Africans Migrant arrivals are through the roof.

Europe must prepare for the influx of “Millions” of Africans unless we act now, according to European Parliament President Antonio Tajani.

In an interview with the Il Messagero newspaper in his native Italy, Mr Tajani claimed that we are potentially facing an exodus from Africa “of biblical proportions that would be impossible to stop if we don’t confront the problem now”.

“Population growth, climate change, desertification, wars, famine in Somalia and Sudan. These are the factors that are forcing people to leave.

“When people lose hope, they risk crossing the Sahara and the Mediterranean because it is worse to stay at home, where they run enormous risks. If we don’t confront this soon, we will find ourselves with millions of people on our doorstep within five years.

“Today we are trying to solve a problem of a few thousand people, but we need to have a strategy for millions of people.”

Mr Tajani’s dire prediction came a day after EU interior ministers pledged to back an EU-wide plan to help Italy, which has faced an influx of some 85,000 African migrants out of 100,000 who have reached Europe via the Mediterranean Sea.

Of course, the EU chief’s plan is to throw more money at corrupt African regimes, despite all the evidence that suggests they will never use it for the benefit of their own people, but rather to line their own pockets.

Tajani is not the first EU official to warn of this issue and propose a ridiculous solution.

Just last month, Germany’s Development Minister, Gerd Müller of the ‘conservative’ CSU (Christian Social Union), predicted that Europe could face an influx of up to 100 million Africans as a result of climate change and poverty in their home countries. Again, his solution was to throw more money at the problem.

Similarly, Angela Merkel in her recent election campaign speech called for an investment partnership with African countries, in order to enable them to stop their countries haemorrhaging young males.

The fact of the matter is this simply will not work. European nations have been pumping money into African for over half a century, with not one positive result to show for their endeavours.

Throwing money at the problem will not even provide a topical masking of the symptoms, let alone a cure for the root cause.

After centuries of colonialism and projecting our economic power onto third world countries, it is about time we left Africans to fix Africa, and Asians to fix Asia, and so on.

European nations cannot be the bank of the third world, nor can we profess to have the answers to fix their problems. The most ethical thing we can do is admit that we haven’t succeeded and hand responsibility for these impoverished regions back to their own people.



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