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Staggering Number of Foreigners in Italian Prisons

Italian prisons

Italy has been at the centre of the mass immigration tempest since the beginning. We could call the Italian southern coasts the front lines in the battle against the invasion of the European continent.

The NGOs have been the main protagonists in the last years when it comes to mass illegal immigration and collaboration with smugglers in the Mediterranean, but lately, they have had some setbacks that have slowed down their plans. The Defend Europe project, lead the by the group called Generation Identity (a group of young European patriots spread all around Europe), put a wrench in the NGOs plans exposing their illegal movements in Libyan waters, their actions and the new regulations put out by the Italian Government have slowed down the traffic, but sadly this is just a temporary victory.

The actions of these infamous organisations and their European collaborators have led to a stable rise in crimes in Italy. The most recent case was a Polish couple who were assaulted in Rimini by a gang of four North Africans. The man was assaulted with a bottle and beaten up violently before being forced to watch the vicious gang rape of his girlfriend.



Foreigners currently make up around 33.5% of prisoners in Italian prisons meaning that 1 out of 3 prisoners in Italy was not born on Italian soil. Shocking numbers which underscore the fact that one of the many negative factors of mass immigration is the growth of crime which is often violent and sexual-related.

These men from alien cultures that are pouring into our continent bring their cultural baggage with them. One example is the Muslim “mediator” Abid Jee who defended the gang on Facebook saying this about rape: “A worse act, when the willy goes in, then the woman becomes calm and you enjoy it like a normal intercourse”.

For years the leaders of the Italian right wing have been criticising the management of Italian prisons and some have suggested that the criminals should face punishment for their actions in their own countries.

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