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North African Gang Blocks Italian Train and Threatens its Passengers

A North African gang stopped a train in Castello di Godego, north of Italy, for an hour spitting on passengers and threatening them and the train staff.

Insults, spits, and threats to the train conductor who tried to solve the situation peacefully. The vandals emptied a fire extinguisher and started to harass the shocked passengers, the migrants were heard yelling: “This train is ours!”.

Finally, after an hour the Carabinieri (Italian Military Police force) boarded the train and dealt with the violent gang.

This is just the latest accident on Italian trains. In the last months train conductors, ticket inspectors and innocent passengers have been victims of violence. Last week an African migrant assaulted a train conductor tackling him and holding him down on the ground boasting about how he wasn’t going to pay for the ticket and that he does what he wants with his money.

Countless videos have been uploaded of these violent accidents, recorded by other passengers often too scared to do something knowing the violent tendencies of these thugs. Most migrants don’t pay tickets and often refuse to pay or get off the train when confronted by ticket inspectors, causing delays. Being a student, this is almost an everyday thing I have to experience. Sadly sometimes these situations escalate with violence and not just on trains.

In September a huge number of migrants surrounded a bus in Naples and threated to kill the driver and ticket inspector if they wouldn’t open the doors, lately, the driver was later assaulted and beaten up by one of the Africans. Trams and other public transports are no different.

Train and bus conductors, ticket inspectors and all the other workers in these fields do not feel safe and are openly denouncing the crazy daily situations they must endure. All of this while being paid with low salaries, even though they put their lives at risk every day.

One of the private companies collaborating with the state for train services, called TreNord, is now introducing a new security measure: armed guards. Yet another gift from our multicultural Europe.

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