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Riot Erupts Between Migrants in Rome

Migrants rioting in Rome

Rome, once the core of European civilization, is now the theatre of the absurd and war. The so-called “refugees” (migrants) started a riot at an illegally occupied building in the Square of Independence, as a response to eviction attempts. The riot occurred just one block away from the Capital’s central commuter-rail station.
The officers were met with violence the moment they reached the square, in an attempt to empty a building that had been occupied illegally for years. The squatters started throwing rocks, bottles and other objects at the police. The situation escalated quickly. The police were forced to use fire hoses to subdue the violence on the ground, however, migrants started throwing objects from the upper floors of the building. One man threw a gas cylinder at the police as they were approaching the building, putting lives at risk.



The Police Chief informed the media that intervention was necessary since the migrants ignored the various eviction notices and refused to leave even when the authorities offered them other locations where they could have moved.

2 migrants were arrested, the others have been moved to an alternative location.

As of July, nearly 84,000 migrants have arrived in Italy, an estimated total of 230,000 will arrive before the end of 2017. Italy is crumbling under the pressure of mass migration and as tension in big cities continues to rise.
Once again we see the results of forced multiculturalism: riots and clashes in the Capital, a historic city where in the past the rulers of Europe lived.
People in Rome are shocked and divided, many support and defend the actions of the police and are against the degradation of their city, others, protested, claiming “excessive” violence from the police and blamed it on racism despite evidence to the contrary.

Some infamous NGOs, the same guilty of collaborating with smugglers in the Mediterranean, have condemned the actions of the police, the same accusations came from the leftist party PD (Partito Democratico). One policeman is now under investigation for allegedly inciting violence against the migrants.

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