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Italy: Violent Clashes Between Citizens and Migrants in Sassari

Italy: Clashes between citizens and migrants in Sassari

A violent brawl erupted between citizens of the Sardinian city of Sassari and African migrants. The two sides used iron clubs and sticks as weapons, in an urban guerrilla looking clash never seen before.

The police retrieved various weapons and arrested people from both sides: 2 Italians and 3 Africans specifically. Luckily there were no serious casualties but the situation could have easily degenerated.

The tension between residents and the migrants had been growing in the recent weeks. The police knew about the risks of possible clashes. The neighbourhood where the brawl happened is called Santa Maria di Pisa and it hosts a Migrant centre which was never welcomed by the residents of the area.

Some of the unhappy residents decided to take action into their own hands and soon the clashes erupted with some of the migrants hosted in the centre. The small conflict ended with the final assault on the migrant centre. Two molotov bombs were thrown at the buildings hosting the migrants.

All of this happened during daylight, showing how desperate the residents are in the Santa Maria di Pisa area. Mothers are worried about their children since the authorities are not guarding the area properly and the migrants are free to do what they wish.

One of the managers of the migrant centre claims that they migrants hosted there are just good, young people who just want to integrate. These are words that almost nobody believes any longer.

Forced multiculturalism will only cause more of these violent accidents. These migrants were put there by the state and never accepted by the Sardinian community. This is just the latest episode of violence in Sardinia, where its population has been fighting against the population replacement in its own way.

Earlier this year there were other clashes in other cities next to migrant centres. Until now no one has gotten seriously hurt, but the situation can only get worse. Residents of occupied areas will no longer accept the population replacement and migrants crimes without putting up a fight. What will the Italian EU puppet-government decide to do? Safety for their citizens or will they keep cuddling their beloved foreign invaders?

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