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Italy: 13 Year-Old-Girl Raped by Two Migrants

Italy: 13 years old girl raped by two migrants

An Italian young teenager, 13 years old, denounced her tremendous experience to the police. The girl claimed to have been raped by 2 migrants residing in the migrant center “Oasi Carpineto”, located in the city of Ascoli.

The young girl testified that the 2 migrants raped her in turns, forcing her to have sex with both of them. The victim was still in shock but she was able to confirm that the violent act happened around the 20th of October near a park, in a little scarp, between 8pm and 10pm.

The same park that during the day is filled with happy children playing games becomes a dangerous zone in the late hours, the same hours when the victim was caught and raped by the two migrants who are here in Italy with the “refugee” status.

The victim’s phone helped to incriminate the two rapists since the police force found out she knew one of them as one of chats proved. In one of their exchanges which happened after the alleged day of the rape, one of the two men ordered the girl to show up in the same location for a second round and threatened her with violence.

This is the kind of people who enter Europe with the “refugee” status. Violent men who see our women and children as toys to play with. Recently, Breitbart reported about a new study showing that half the migrants reaching Italy tend to be mentally ill and prone to violence.

The two men accused were arrested and jailed. They will be investigated and trialled for rape and violence on a minor. The public opinion is shocked, mothers fear for the safety of their children and the citizens are enraged.

The number of victims continues to pile up and yet leftist parties and fanatics still support multiculturalism and believe in one of the greatest lies of our age; integration.

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