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“Child-Refugee” Guilty of Rape & Murder Could be 25-Years-Old

Child-Refugee guilty of rape and murder in all likelihood 25

Maria Ladenburger was raped and murdered by a presumed child-refugee in Freiburg last year in Germany in October. She was a medical student, 19 years old and daughter of an EU official. The killer’s name is Hussein Khavari who claimed to be 17 when arrested, one of those unaccompanied “refugees”. He lied.

The supposed child-refugee Khavari is likely between 22 and 29 years old as anthropologist Ursula Wittwer-Backofen yesterday testified, which means that the violent criminal will be treated and trialed as an adult. The expert claims that the analysis of the killer’s teeth and his physical characteristic typical of a young adult led her to believe that Khavari is 25 years old.

Khavari liked to present himself as a gangster rapper in his online posts, he was born in Afghanistan and managed to enter Germany mostly thanks to his fake claim about his age. This is not the first time migrants lie about their age in order to get benefits from European countries, especially in Germany and Sweden where grown men were seen winning physical activities contests for children.

Maria used to work with asylum seekers as a voluntary, she was the daughter of an EU official named Clemens Ladenburger. At the time of her funeral, her family asked the public to donate to 2 charities, one of them was in support of refugees and asylum seekers. As unreal as it seems, even when one of their beloved refugees had taken the life of their very own daughter they couldn’t stop themselves from being progressive.

Firstly, she was betrayed by modern society and the EU which are teaching the younger generations that they should embrace multiculturalism and immigration, Maria believed that lie. Secondly, she was betrayed by her own family who had the guts to ask for donations for asylum seekers just after one of them had killed her daughter.

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