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Migrants Riot & Rape at Schorndorf Volksfest

migrants cause the German police problems in Schorndorf

A small German town experienced its very own ‘Cologne moment’ over the weekend, when ‘hundreds of young men with a migration background’ (migrants) violently disrupted a summers’ festival in the small town of Schorndorf.

According to police and press reports, there were assaults, rapes, sexual assaults and attacks against the police, along with mass generalised antisocial behaviour in the festival’s immediate vicinity on Friday and Saturday.

The Volksfest (People’s Festival) is a week-long annual event for the town, at which people can enjoy live music, German beer and carnival rides. Given the location and time of year, one can imagine that this would have been somewhere close to nirvana in the past.

Not this year, however.

According to a police statement, an Iraqi suspect was arrested for assaulting three separate women on Friday evening. Saturday saw a 17-year old girl viciously molested, with the suspects identified as three Afghan asylum seekers.

Imagine my shock.

Reports claim that there were over a thousand young men congregated around Schorndorf Castle on Saturday, disrupting festivities and throwing bottles at police officers. One police spokesperson said “the violence faced by police was shocking”.

There were also reports of young males “showing solidarity” with suspects the police had placed under arrest, by attacking said arresting police officers. The violence became so bad that officers had to call for backup from nearby towns just to ‘shield the arrest’.

Eyewitnesses quoted by the police claimed that later on Saturday groups of between 30 and 50 young men were acting aggressively in the town centre, with some reports of knives and other sharp weapons being carried. One witness reported a young male firing blanks from a gun.

Two police vehicles were vandalised, whilst another emergency services vehicle was damaged by a bottle. Six further vehicles had their licence plates stolen.

After the event, there were numerous complaints filed for serious bodily harm.

It is easy to think only of the culprit in circumstances such as these, with their thuggish behaviour and ungratefulness on full display for all to see.

Of course, it is important that these issue are brought to light and exposed for the world to see. But spare a thought for the German men and women who’s holiday weekend was ruined. Take a moment to consider the young girls and boys who’s favourite time of the year was taken from them in a sea of antisocial migrant behaviour.

What about the young women who, for the first time in their lives, can’t go to these festivals alone, who now have to change their clothing just to avoid being migrant bait.

These are the human stories that many a German will sadly be able to tell now. This is the true cost of the Merkel regime’s disgusting crimes.


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