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Migrants Riot In Greek Camps

Migrants riot

Riots broke out in a Greek refugee camp last night, when failed asylum seekers (economic migrants) were told they were being sent back to Turkey.

At the Moria camp on the Greek island of Lesvos, bogus refugees turned on police in what has become an all too familiar scene at detention centres across Europe.

Amateur social media footage shows migrants barricading themselves in their camp, then throwing stones and other projectiles at police when they attempted to get in.

It’s almost as if everybody has forgotten that Turkey is a safe country.

In what has too become a widespread phenomenon in Europe, the migrants began to burn down their own living quarters in protest at the decision.

This strange practise has been seen in Germany in particular, where migrants would burn down their own homes in protest against their food not being halal, or some other trivial matter.

Of course, the Greek authorities have found the vast number of ‘refugees’ reaching their camps to be economic migrants, fleeing nothing that they wouldn’t face in Europe.

Despite the fact that these economic migrants are being housed and fed rent-free, some human rights’ groups claim that their rights are being violated.

In January, Human Rights Watch published a report claiming that the conditions that refugees were living in were an abuse of their rights. They claimed that many did not survive the cold winter – as if there is such a thing in Greece – but do not provide any evidence to back this claim.

Furthermore, Amnesty International have called the EU-Turkey migrant deal, whereby failed asylum seekers are returned to Turkey, ‘illegal’.

How cruel it is to send refugees to a safe country where they look like and practise the same religion as the host population.


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