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Merkel Regime Introduces New ‘Hate Speech’ Law

Merkel regime justice minister Maas is Stasi-esque

Last Friday, new ‘hate speech’ legislation proposed by hard-line, Merkel-regime’s Justice Minister Heiko Maas received its first reading in the Bundestag, ahead of its anticipated incorporation into law. This latest in a long string of anti-free-speech laws is aimed at the removal of ‘outlawed racist and xenophobic content’ on social media, in particular criticism of the mass influx of third world migrants in recent years.

The proposed legislation will see social media companies face ‘heavy fines’ for failing to remove ‘hate speech’ immediately, with caveats also inserted to combat the spread of ‘fake news’. Crucially, companies such as Facebook will be compelled to remove news posted from “unofficial sources”, with only news from mainstream media organisations being allowed to remain on such sites.

The Justice Minister is proposing these new regulations under the guise of “protecting democracy”, but this is an entirely transparent measure to protect the globalist Merkel regime’s disastrous policies from criticism.

This latest proposal has been met with little opposition, given that the average German lives under constant fear of becoming a thought criminal, except from the youth Identitarian Movement (Identitäre Bewegung), who staged a spontaneous street protest at the offices of the Justice Ministry last Friday.

Predictably, the justifiably concerned young nationalists were met with a heavy, disproportionate police response. They were accused of ‘storming the ministry’, when in actual fact the aim was a satirical street protest to peacefully voice their opposition to the new laws.

The only mainstream political opposition to this latest attack on freedom of expression came from the usually liberal Free Democratic Party (FDP), who noted this is an attack on freedom of speech. One lone Green Party official also voiced her concern over the authorities being given a ‘green light’ to police free speech online, but as is nowadays predictable, the Merkel CDU/SPD regime are fully on board with the latest proposals. It is, therefore, a foregone conclusion that this bill will pass with ease.

Also supporting the bill upon its introduction earlier this year was the Central Council of Jews in Germany, who claimed that even stronger measures were required to combat “incitement of racial hatred, glorification of National Socialism and Holocaust denial on social media”. 

It appears that internet censorship is now the consensus amongst globalist politicians, with British Prime Minister Theresa May revealing plans to make Britain “world leaders in regulating the internet” in the Conservative manifesto for the upcoming General Election.

It is clear that the Merkel regime, just like May’s British government, are intent on passing through censorship laws under the guise of “democracy”. These laws will be used to persecute concerned citizens who voice opposition to mass, third world immigration, as has already been seen across Europe.

For simply wishing to live amongst your own people, you face arrest. For not wanting millions of immigrants to undercut your wages and put you on the doll queue, you face arrest. For being opposed to the wave of rapes and assaults, perpetrated by migrants, against your girlfriends, wives and daughters, you face arrest.

This is the reality in which we live, where we brought down East Germany and the Stasi, only to replace it with an increasingly more oppressive, globalist regime.

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