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Merkel: “No Upper Limit On Immigration”

Merkel: "No Upper Limit on Migrants"

Seemingly not content with fuelling the destruction of Europe, German Chancellor Angela Merkel has doubled down on her disastrous migration policy by declaring that there will be no upper limit to the number of migrants entering Germany.

The comments came as part of a television interview, in which the Chancellor discussed political topics in the context of the country’s upcoming federal election, which is to be held on 24th September this year.

The host referred to comments made by Horst Seehofer, the president of the CDU’s Bavarian sister party (CSU, Christian Social Union), which implied the Bavarians could refuse to enter into a coalition after the election unless an upper limit on migrant numbers is set.

Seehofer has been openly critical of the Merkel regime’s reckless open door policy since 2015. He also broke the trend of anti-Trump hysteria by declaring the American president “welcome anytime” in Bavaria.

Merkel however continues to take the CSU’s support for granted, by refusing to even consider the suggestions presented to her.

The joint CDU-CSU ticket currently sits 16 points ahead in the opinion polls for the federal election, with Martin Schulz’s SPD (Social Democrats) floundering after a surge at the turn of the year.

This means that Merkel is on course to win a fourth consecutive term at the helm of German politics, meaning she will not leave office until 2021. She has been Chancellor of Germany since 2005.

In years to come, what is left of the Germany people will surely look back at this period and wonder how on earth they got it so wrong.

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