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Mediterranean Migrant Arrivals Surpass 80,000 In 2017

Africans Migrant arrivals are through the roof.

The United Nations’ International Organisation for Migration has proudly boasted that migrant arrivals via the Mediterranean route alone had reached 81,292, in the year to 18th June.

Their sycophantic, Soros-style promotion of such a thing displays their political agenda, in plain sight for all to see. If they really cared about migrants, they’d not be encouraging them to make a dangerous crossing by which many migrants have perished this year already.

What’s more is that they fail to hide the fact that the vast majority of these migrants are not fleeing war at all, but are instead ‘economic’ refugees, or ‘climate’ refugees, despite the fact this totally dismantles the Geneva Convention’s definition of what a refugee is.

70,000 of this year’s batch of migrants arrived in Europe via Italy, with the top countries of origin for such arrivals being Nigeria, Bangladesh, Guinea, Ivory Coast and Gambia – needless to say, there is no real war in any of these countries.

Similarly, none of the migrants who arrived in Europe via Spain – which is known as the Western Mediterranean route – are from Syria or Iraq, but sub-Saharan Africa.

Imagine my shock.

The fact is, none of these people have a right to be in Europe. The only purpose these latest imports will serve is the replacement of native Europeans, and the displacement of young Europeans in the unskilled labour market.

They are political tools, every last one of them. They are being used by the powers that be – who incidentally don’t care that they’re drowning in huge numbers – as a weapon against the ‘old Europe’.

Of course, the globalists overlook the fact that these Africans don’t arrive in Europe with the teachings of Marx pre-programmed in their minds.

We can say this until we’re red in the face, but this replacement of native Europeans must be vehemently opposed. The enablers of this social engineering project must be removed from power at the earliest opportunity.

Not only are they indirectly killing their migrant pets in the Mediterranean, but worse, they are endangering the lives and very existence of native Europeans. Opposing them is not hateful or ‘bigoted’, but simply common sense for the survival of what we know as Europe.

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