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Marine Le Pen’s Route To The Élysée Palace

Marine Le Pen

The French Presidential Election is fast approaching with the first round just weeks away Marine Le Pen is looking good, with the first round on 23rd April and the second round of voting taking place two weeks later on 7th May. This has rightly been billed as the most important election of this calendar year, for it is the only one in which real change could be achieved. It is the globalist European establishment trying to protect the status quo with their puppet Macron who appears as a sort of poor man’s Tony Blair, against the nationalists calling for restoration of the sovereignty and democracy that the European Union has taken away.

The current poll figures do not look particularly good for Marine Le Pen, despite the sensationalist ‘Le Pen SURGES’ headlines that our esteemed friends at the Daily Express seem to regurgitate every other day.

That being said, Ms Le Pen is still on course to win the first round with 26% of the vote. It is then a fight between Emmanuel Macron – of the centrist En Marche party – and pseudo-Thatcherite Francois Fillon for second place, with these men polling at 24% and 20% respectively (Opinion Way).

Should the election follow this polling pattern, Le Pen will contest the second round with Macron, with the latter on course to win comfortably with 59.5% of the vote (Ifop) – although this is reduced from the 65% support he was predicted to command just weeks ago.

Where things get interesting however, is in the hypothetical scenario that Francois Fillon makes it into the second round of voting instead of Emmanuel Macron. In a head-to-head vote between Fillon and Marine Le Pen, the chances of the Front National leader winning are dramatically higher than against Macron. In this scenario, the polling (Ifop) is currently showing Fillon to win 53-47% which is comfortably within the margin for error when variables such as first round momentum are factored in.

This is without a doubt the best chance for real change on the European continent in this years’ election season. The temperament of the French electorate is such that a 10% swing is not an impossible obstacle to overcome even at this late stage, therefore we can safely assume Marine Le Pen will still have a good chance against Macron, if indeed he is to be her second round opponent.

The real problem we have to deal with is the enemy press. By the time Marine Le Pen has claimed first round victory on the 23rd April, the ink will already be dry on morning editions of every establishment newspaper in Paris, the televisions will be propagating EU establishment lies and peddling anti-Le Pen myths, whilst the enemy parties will be rallying around whichever candidate is to face her in the final round.

These people have all the power, all the financial backing and all the mediums with which to spread their lies. It is up to each and every supporter of Marine Le Pen to combat these lies and expose the enemy for the liars that they are!

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