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SWEDEN: 76% Of ‘Child’ asylum Seekers Turn Out To Be Adults

The Swedish Board of Forensics announced on May 30th 2017 the results of their first investigation of determining the ages of unaccompanied ‘child migrants’. The Swedish National Board of Medicines, has so far received about 4,200 orders from the Swedish Migration Board on medical age assessments in cases where they considered that the applicant’s age is unclear. Of these asylum seekers, 4% are females and 96% are males.

Of the forensic statements made so far, 18 asylum seekers are females and 563 asylum seekers are males.

  • 442 cases, 12 females and 430 males are over the age of 18, 76% of the cases.
  • 5 cases, the investigated could be over the age of 18 (only women, partly because of earlier skeletal maturity).
  • 134 cases, possibly speaks for the investigated to be under the age of 18 (1 female and 133 males).

As a basis for the medical age assessment, the applicant made two investigations. An X-ray examination of the wisdom teeth and a magnetic camera survey of the knee joint.

Protest against deportions of asylum

seeking Afghans

About 70 people demonstrated on May 30th 2017 at the refugee repository in Åstorp, Sweden, to protest against the deportion of about 20 Afghans. Just after 7 o’clock, two buses drove them to Kastrup were they took a plane to Kabul. The police had a great strength in place at the repository during the day.

“It’s been quiet all the time. People have been given the opportunity to express their feelings for what is happening and it was important for us to do that, “said Ewa-Gun Westford, the police’s presidential official in Åstorp.

#skickamejistället: New activist hashtag

Swedish activists who fight for the Afghan men to stay in Sweden for asylum reasons  would rather see themself be deported than the migrants so much that they made a Twitter and Instagram hashtag. #skickamejistället (send me instead)

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