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Does your local MP have sticky fingers?

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In short; probably.

In what could be described as the “never ending scandal”, the over-claiming of expenses by British members of parliament took another turn in February. As it stood, if an MP was arrested for fraudulent activity involving their expenditures they would be outed publicly as the thieves with sticky fingers that they are. In a huge twist in this insidious plot to cheat the British worker from his/her hard earned taxes, they voted on a motion to keep their treachery anonymous. Unsurprisingly, they voted overwhelmingly in favour of the notion on the grounds it was “unlawfully intrusive” and against their “human rights”.

Picture an employee being paid to work behind a till pocketing the money he was employed to manage, with a boss unable to find out where the money is going nor act on his evidence due to the employee’s “human rights”. When you put this concept into everyday terms, it shows how truly bizarre this situation has become.

MP’s Spending Taxpayers’ Money On Luxury Items

During 2009, when this scandal was finally brought into the public view, we saw no less than 29 resignations from parliament during the enquiry, the greater proportion of them coming from the Labour benches. We saw British tax payers buying everything for MPs from christmas decorations to 3 Michelin-star dinners.

Since 2009, the questionable expenditure of hard earned tax payers money has only accelerated. We are still seeing MPs spending hard earned taxes on expensive luxuries outside of their standard wage. David Cameron’s £90-a-time hair cut or Dianne Abbots £11,750 portrait (she really should have asked for her money back).

The only difference now is though, we aren’t allowed to know what they are taking from our wage slips.

This gross abuse of public funds is nothing short of disgraceful. Elitist politicians complain about the lack of funding for this project or that, on a daily basis, yet they are the ones pocketing the difference.

This must stop.

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