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Liberal Newspaper Tells Europeans To Stop Procreating

Liberal Newspaper The Guardian Tells Europeans To Stop Procreating

Just when one thought that the media could do nothing more to fill us with disgust, we are proven wrong yet again with The Guardian’s feature piece on climate change this morning. The British newspaper is famed for its echo-chamber-type reader base, which was just 150,000-strong at the last count (0.2% of the British public), who lap up fake news stories about Trump’s collusion with Russia, or some nonsensical ramblings about “race being a social construct”.

Being the liberal newspaper that it is, the Guardian also positions itself at the forefront of Climate Change hysteria, regularly banging the drum of the establishment on this issue despite claims of being ‘a paper that challenges power’ – they seem to agree with pretty much every rich politician and banker on this issue.

Today is no different, except this morning’s solution to protect the environment appears to take on a much more sinister tone. In his latest attempt to justify being kept in a job, The Guardian’s “Environment Editor” Damian Carrington appeared to imply that the way to save the environment is for white (European) people to stop having children.

The article, complete with a cover picture of enemy number 1; white babies, explores how having children perpetuates the cycle of climate abuse. According to this piece, people in the USA and Australia have an impact on the environment at a rate of 16 tonnes of emissions per person, whilst that number drops to a still sizeable 7 tonnes per person in the United Kingdom. This seems fairly innocuous at this point, if a somewhat strange hypothesis – “stop having children to save the planet, so there will be nobody left to enjoy this green paradise…”

Liberal Newspaper Tells Europeans Not To Procreate
This picture, of blonde-haired, blue-eyed babies, was the fitting front cover for the Guardian’s sinister opinion.

What really gives it away however, is the justification presented in this article for a non-white baby-boom, whilst simultaneously advocating for white Europeans to cease procreation. Apparently, overpopulation isn’t the issue, because “an American produces 40 times the amount of emissions in his/her lifetime than a Bangladeshi”.

The subtext to all of this is fairly obvious to anybody who is familiar with the Guardian; white people are bad for the environment, brown people are good for the environment. It’s no coincidence either that the article is headed by a picture of three blonde haired, blue eyed European babies, as if to subliminally ensure that the reader is fully aware of the ear-splitting dog whistle being sounded here.

This will come as no surprise to those familiar with the Guardian. The paper, which has supported the Liberal Democrats and the Labour Party in recent elections, often runs the typically edgy headlines one would expect, usually taking aim at white people and white males in particular. It is a paper that supposedly decries racism, unless the racism is directed toward their very reader base, because ironically it is only white, bourgeois, metropolitan-types who read this drivel anyway.

What we do not need in this case a bunch of stale conservatives telling us that man-made damage to our environment is some sort of hoax. Yes, of course we must take precaution where our habitat is concerned, but the destruction of the European races – whilst proposed as a solution seemingly for all of the world’s problems – is not the way to do it. With the scientific jury still out on the exact causes of climate change, it’s hard to come up with a concrete solution – but please, incitement to commit ethnicide? Seriously?

Nonetheless, we too have a constructive suggestion for how our readers can do their duty to advance toward a more prosperous future; don’t ever buy the Guardian, unless of course you have a few pounds spare then in which case, buy every copy in your local newsagents and promptly burn them, which may be harmful to the environment, but priceless to the brain cells of your fellow man.

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