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Le Pen Antisemitism Row

Marine Le Pen

In the latest attempt to derail Marine Le Pen’s presidential campaign, the establishment media and political class are now trying to claim that her recent comments put her in league with her Father’s alleged antisemitism and historical revisionism.

In a recent interview on RTL radio, Le Pen claimed that the responsibility for the rounding up of French Jews in the second world war did not lie with the French people. Of course, this was pounced upon immediately by the insufferable centrist Emmanuel Macron, who claimed that she had ‘made a big mistake’ and that ‘it’s a sign Marine Le Pen is the daughter of Jean-Marie Le Pen’.

The leftist candidate Benoit Hamon also seized an opportunity, declaring ‘there is no doubt anymore (that Marine Le Pen is far-right)’.

In a clear interference in the election process of another country, the Israeli Foreign Ministry also decided to throw their opinion into the mix:

“This declaration is contrary to historical truth, as expressed in the statements of successive French presidents who recognised France’s responsibility for the fate of the French Jews who perished in the Holocaust,” the ministry said in a statement.

But in reality, Ms. Le Pen is not guilty of what she has apparently already been tried and condemned for.

The media’s fascination with the Front National and the Jewish question has enabled her opponents to manufacture a situation such as this, but of course they fail to notice the context of Le Pen’s comments.

She later released a statement explaining that ‘the responsibility lies with the Vichy regime, not the French state’. She went on to say that ‘the republic was in exile in London during the war’, explaining how statements by previous French presidents acknowledging the guilt of the state are incorrect on that technicality.

Marine Le Pen also complained of the fact that French children are brought up in schools always to believe that there is no pride in being French, that it is only the bad events in French history such as this that are to be remembered.

This, of course, is a perfectly legitimate thing to say, but it is always dangerous for a political figure to deviate from the official line regarding Jewish issues.

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