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Labour’s Secret Open Borders Plot

Open Borders Communist Corbyn

Leaked Document Shows Labour Party Ready To Ignore Public Opinion On Mass Immigration – Again


Obviously not content with doing irrevocable demographic damage to the United Kingdom already, it appears that the Labour Party are preparing to implement their sick open borders fantasy once more should they win the upcoming General Election.

Along with claiming cutting migration is “not a priority”, a leaked document also shows how the party will open up a new avenue through which unskilled, uneducated migrants will be able to come to Britain in unlimited numbers. At present the third tier visa type, that allows for the granting of visas to non-skilled and low-skilled migrants from the third world, is not in operation after it was shut down by then-Prime Minister David Cameron in 2013.

However, this, along with relaxation of family reunion rules, are all set to change if Comrade Corbyn gets his way on 8th June.

At the present time, if a third world migrant wishes to bring a spouse to the United Kingdom, they must first show they are earning a minimum of £18,000 per year, so as to offset the potential tax burden of the newcomers. The leaked Labour document shows they intend to scrap this requirement, allowing unlimited numbers of family members to enter the country. Experts have warned this in itself risks adding up to 20,000 onto the annual immigration figures.

This comes after Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn repeatedly refused to commit to cutting migrant numbers in a televised debate on Monday, claiming instead that his party would oversee “managed migration”.

The Labour Party’s track record on this issue when in government is disgraceful. In their first year of power under Tony Blair (1997-98), net immigration rose from 48,000 to 150,000. Overall, between 1997 and 2010, over 3 million immigrants were brought to Britain, with many of these coming from Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Somalia and other third world, culturally alien nations.


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