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Jewish Peer Praises Germany’s Open Borders Policy

At a speech at London’s Chatham House think tank this week, holocaust survivor and Jewish member of the House of Lords Alfred Dubs praised Germany as the “conscience of Europe” for its response to the refugee crisis. “Lord” Dubs, never one to use his supposed background as political argument, proclaimed that “it comes to something when somebody of my background can proclaim this”.

As part of a speech on the wider issue of third world migrants pretending to be refugees, “Lord” Dubs criticised the British government for being “dishonest” in their handling of child refugees. He claimed that “Brexit had taken the issue of child refugees off the headlines”, whilst also voicing concern that the upcoming general election in Great Britain could “become distorted into an anti-refugee mood”.

Furthermore, Dubs claimed that potentially new and inexperienced Members of Parliament after the election will not give the issue of child refugees enough credence because “they haven’t been exposed to the arguments yet”. One can interpret this to mean they won’t have been lobbied, harassed or otherwise brainwashed by old ‘Alf’ Dubs and his posse of the fanatical open borders brigade.

Just last year, “Lord” Dubs was behind a motion tabled in the upper house of the British legislature – dubbed the ‘Dubs Amendment, pun intended – designed at bringing unlimited numbers of fake child refugees into the United Kingdom. This amendment was scrapped after the first batch of “child” refugees were found to have an average age of 25, upon screening by facial recognition software. Despite the obvious fraudulent nature of these “child” refugees, Dubs fiercely criticised the government for scrapping the amendment.

Dubs' "child" refugees
The Dubs Amendment was scrapped by MPs after only 350 child migrants had been brought into the country, as the vast majority were found to be adult chancers and swindlers.

Alfred Dubs came to Britain at the age of 6, as a part of what became known as the kindertransport, an evacuation from Prauge (then Czechoslovakia) around the time of the German’s arrival there in 1938. The evacuation was supposedly organised by an English stockbroker by the name of Nicholas Winton.

He apparently only learned of his backstory when the tale of the kindertransport was told as part of the That’s Life! television programme on BBC1 in 1988. Coincidentally, this was a year after Dubs lost his job as a member of the House of Commons – his parliamentary constituency was abolished in 1987 – and in 1988, the same year as he learned his remarkable story, he became director of the influential lobby group Refugee Council, a position he held until 1995.

Dubs was awarded a life peerage in 1995, despite having never had a proper job in his life, aside from being a 2-term Member of the House of Commons. He has very little accomplishment of note to boast of, except his persistent pressurising of the government of the day to take in yet more immigrants and more fake refugees by using his alleged childhood experience as a stick of emotional blackmail, with which he beats anybody who disagrees with his stance.

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