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Israel Conducts Unprovoked Missile Strike on Syrian Capital Damascus

Any hope of stability in the Middle-East was put in serious jeopardy last night, as Israel’s military conducted an entirely unprovoked bombing raid near the Syrian capital of Damascus.

The reasons for the attack are, at this point, unclear, but the notoriously deceitful western media outlets are claiming the target was a proposed Iranian military base.

However, this appears to be another attempt by the Israeli government to ferment greater instability in the region, given that their favoured proxy for this endeavour (ISIS) has recently been declared all-but-destroyed in Syria.

Russia’s President Putin recently congratulated President Bashar Al-Assad for his efforts in beating back the scourge of foreign ISIS fighters that had plagued his country in recent years.

It seems the Israelis find it simply unbearable that the moderate Arab nations, namely Syria and Iran, with Russian backing, can realise peace in the region.


And with the defeat of ISIS in Syria, their hopes for the balkanisation, depopulation and subsequent Israeli colonisation of the Syrian south are all but over, unless further military conflict can be provoked. Israel’s greatest ally, Saudi Arabia, have recently done their bit for disrupting the peace process, with their incessant posturing against Iran-ally Lebanon.

Of course, this escalation in tensions between Israel and the Syrian-Iranian-Lebanese bloc bodes ill for Europe – military conflict in the Middle-East provides the hostile elite with the perfect pretext to ship Africa’s surplus population to Europe.

As we have seen in recent years, the flow of ‘refugees’ into Europe increases in direct correlation with the escalation of violence and warfare in the region. The Israelis know this, thus they are no friend to Europe when their actions are causing the destabilisation of our continent.


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