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News » Israel Could Be Preparing a Preemptive Attack on Syria and Lebanon

Israel Could Be Preparing a Preemptive Attack on Syria and Lebanon


The Syrian conflict has been going for more than 6 years, ravaging what used to be one of the most advanced and greatest countries in the Middle East. This conflict has destabilised the entire region once again and many powerful states have huge interests in the way it will develop.

The 4 big players would be Russia and Iran on one side backing Assad, Israel and the USA backing the rebels and the Kurds (SDF/YPG) on the other side. Israel currently occupies illegally the Golan Heights, which officially should be Syrian territory and as a country, it has a strong interest in the fall of Assad and his allies, the Lebanese paramilitary militia called Hezbollah.

Hezbollah is a Shia organisation which faced Israel in a disastrous conflict in 2006, which resulted in the destruction of Lebanon. They are one of the biggest threats to Israel and are currently receiving full support from Iran. Hezbollah together with Russia and Iran has contributed heavily to Assad’s successful campaign against ISIS, which will soon be defeated in Syria, especially after the great victory of Deiz Ezzor.



Israeli officials called multiple times for the capitulation of Assad and his allies. Some even openly said they want him killed. Israel fears a new conflict with the neighbouring Hezbollah forces and last month the Israeli army simulated its largest military exercise in 20 years.

Israeli armed forces already struck a supposed Iranian missile factory in Syria. This action, their support for the rebel forces in Syria and the military exercises suggest that a preemptive attack on both Syria and Lebanon might be in the future plans of Israel. The USA will be forced to accept this decision and probably take part in the conflict.

This possible new development could spark a huge conflict, considering the fact that Russia has said multiple times that they will not back down and that they will keep supporting Assad’s rule in Syria.

With the Kurds planning to gain more power and land in the north of Syria and Israel mobilizing in the South, peace in the Middle East will keep being just a utopian dream.

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