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Islamophobia Awareness Month – The Facts


It’s November, and you know what that means: It’s Islamophobia Awareness Month! That’s right; for a whole month we have to listen to entitled Muslims whine about the oppression that they face. I mean, Islamophobia is horrible right? How could a group where 1/3 of its members in the UK support polygamy be so mistreated?

It’s not like 1/4 of all Muslims want Sharia Law in the UK. I mean, really? And I don’t really think peaceful Muslims would support a book full of violence against anyone that isn’t following their rules, surely.

I mean, Muhammad was a great role model. He really cared for children (out of character: yes you are reading that right, he did actually have intercourse with a 9 year old girl), and was tolerant towards those who had changed their mind about his cult. I think it’s wonderful all Muslims are told to follow his example. They love their family too. We could follow their example, but that would be cultural appropriation.

Don’t worry – that was all sarcastic. But do you know what isn’t sarcastic? The unspeakable horrors of Islam and what it forces upon its followers and anyone that has to share proximity with it.

Islamophobia Awareness Month is a sham! Is it not healthy to be scared of something that strongly and repeatedly advocates killing you? Call me an old-fashioned racist, but I think we need to consider that Islamophobia awareness is needed – we need to be cautious, or else we’ll get blown to bits while the Sadiq Khan’s of the world mutter vague platitudes at more dead Europeans. So, for this Islamophobia Awareness Month, I’ve done my bit. Will you do yours?


Post-scriptum: The Manhattan attack was committed by a Muslim. In Europe, the Middle East, or even in America, they will continue to act the same. It’s insane.

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