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Islamist Tariq Ramadan Accused of Raping Activist

The professor of Oxford’s “Contemporary Islamic Studies” department, Tariq Ramadan, has been brought into the spotlight with heavy hitting rape accusations from multiple women but the most well known is ex-Salafist turned liberal activist Henda Ayari.

With the dawn of #MeToo and other similar abuse hashtags, inspired by the plight of the women whose abuse at the hands of Hollywood’s Harvey Weinstein went under the radar for years, the French have their own hashtag – ” #balancetonporc” – which translates to “expose your pig”, a very relevant term especially in this case.

Ayari, 41, says that Ramadan assaulted her in a Paris hotel room back in 2012, apparently pouncing on her “like a wild animal”.

Of course Ramadan, well-versed in the practice of taqiya, denies all these accounts and brushes them away as “a campaign of lies” and is apparently engaged in legal proceedings against Ayari and the other women for slander.

Ayari’s terrible experiences are well documented in her book “J’ai choisi d’être libre” – “I Have Chosen To Be Free” – released in early November 2016, but Ramadan was not named as the perpetrator until only a week or so ago. 

Ayari claims that she only went to interview Ramadan regarding a few questions on Islam and she says that she “admired him very much”. Ramadan then allegedly proceeded to kiss Ayari “really hard” and began to choke her, with Ayari stating that she really thought she was going to die.

An earlier example of Ramadan’s sexual abuse history takes place in 2009, yet again in another French hotel although this one was in Lyon. The woman in question was a Muslim convert and claims that she was raped at Ramadan’s hand.

Ramadan is known throughout the world and even in Muslim scholar circles for being a very controversial figure, especially due to his Muslim Brotherhood connections with his grandfather, Said Ramadan, who took over from father-in-law and founder Hassan al-Banna in the early 1950s, being the 1st leader until the 1960s.

When are we all going to wake up and realise that there are terrible people in our establishment that are not only trying to subvert our nations, but are also sexual predators and radical hate preachers?

These people need to be brought to justice and removed – but I believe that this is merely the tip of the iceberg and before the year is out there will be many more brave women coming forward to share their experiences of abuse at the hands of these vile Muslim abusers.

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