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Islamic Truck of Peace Visits Sweden

terrorist attack sweden

A terrorist deliberately drove at young children, sending prams flying as a stolen beer truck sped through a crowded shopping street in Stockholm, Sweden, witnesses have said.

A man has now been arrested for a “terrorist crime”, with police saying he was likely to be the driver of the hijacked lorry that killed four people and left 15 people, including two children, injured.

A homemade bomb was reportedly found in the back of the 30-tonne truck, with the charred truck towed from the scene overnight, but police have refused to confirm these reports.

Stockholm police spokesman Lars Bystrom told AFP: “We suspect that the man who was arrested is the perpetrator”, with local media reporting that the arrested man was wearing the same clothes as the individual pictured in an appeal authorities had released in the aftermath of the attack.

Local paper Aftonbladet reported that the injured man arrested over the attack was a 39-year-old father-of-four from Uzbekistan.

Defend Europa Commentary: My first reaction when hearing about this terrorist attack was “took them long enough”, my second was the sudden realization that all forms of social media would be filled with “#PrayForStockholm” and “let’s think of the poor moderate Muslims who are the real victims of this attack” , well this is what the majority of naive swedes have voted for, this is what happens when you stick your head in the sand and refuse to confront what is happening around you for fearing of being called a ‘racist’ or ‘Islamophobic’, this terrorist attack will change nothing if we can just look at what terrorist attacks through out the rest of Europe have done. Ethnic Europeans flood social media, update their profile pictures to the flag of the country just affected by terrorism and in a week it’s business as usual. What more needs to be done to wake our people up from this slumber? I have the answer, but not many will enjoy it.

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