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Islamic school tells students to leave hall due to music

Islamic As-Siddieq school in Amsterdam

Politicians in the Netherlands today were surprised to hear that students of an Islamic primary school in Amsterdam left the hall where a ‘debate battle’ took place, because the other children were dancing and singing along to music.

Islamic school As-Siddieq

During the event ’You Can Learn to Debate’ (Dutch: ’Discussiëren kun je leren’), in debate centre ‘De Balie’, students of several primary schools in Amsterdam were present. Before the event had started and during one of the breaks, students were dancing to music, but students of an Islamic primary school called As-Siddieq– instead of joining the other kids in their joyful activities –decided to leave the hall.

One student, who was asked by a reporter as to why they she left the hall, said: “According to our religion, we are not allowed to watch dances and we are not allowed to listen to music”.


According to Samira Bouchibti, a member of the Liberal Conservatives (VVD) and who has a seat in the council of Amsterdam, said that the council should talk to this school, because “This is anything but normal and will only increase the chances of segregation. This school is disconnecting itself from society and that’s how enclaves in societies start. We should set clear standards”.

Kukenheim, a member of the Liberal Democrats (D66) and acting council member on education in Amsterdam, said: “It’s a shame that these children weren’t allowed to participate in the singing and the dancing. However, I do think it’s a good sign that the school is participating in the event in the first place”. She added: “It’s really up to the education inspection team to research if the school pays enough attention to our shared Dutch values”.

“Keeping our identity”

A spokesperson for the Foundation of Islamic Schools in Amsterdam (Stichting Islamitische Scholen Amsterdam), which includes As-Siddieq, said: “There is no such thing as segregation. We let the children participate in the event, however, to keep our own Islamic identity we chose not to let the children join in on the singing and dancing”. In addition: “Music isn’t forbidden in Islam, but usually boys and girls are separated. We are preparing our students to become a part of Dutch society and it’s up to the student to decide what he or she will or will not do”.

Defend Europa Commentary: Although many people have criticised As-Siddieq for forcing their students to leave part of an event, due to the other participants singing and dancing to music being played, no one seems to criticise the statement they made concerning keeping their own Islamic identity. The hypocrisy in all of this, is that when nationalists speak about keeping our European identity and shared values, we’re either branded racist, xenophobic or whatever else buzzword liberals come up with nowadays.

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