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Italy: Woman in Coma Raped in the Emergency Room by Pakistani Migrant

Woman in alcohol induced coma raped in the emergency room by Pakistani migrant

The victim is a 23 years old woman, who found herself in an alcohol-induced coma after a crazy night out. The rapist is a homeless Pakistani.

The tremendous crime happened in the emergency room of the Sant’Orsola hospital in Bologna. The victim was brought to the emergency room around 4 am and was left behind the triage, waiting for a medic to take care of her.

Nothing unusual on a Friday night, a typical day where youngsters drink too much and end up blackout drunk. In the same space, there was another man, a Pakistani man in his 50s that was brought to the emergency room by a lady who found him sleeping in the streets. Homeless migrants often find refuge in hospitals and illegally use them as dormitories.

The Pakistani and the victim were only separated by a little curtain, the woman was completely unconscious and the man noticed it. He moved the curtain and when he found out she could not resist, he proceeded to touch her private parts.

The emergency room was luckily under video surveillance and a male nurse managed to call the police, who hastily reached the hospital and arrested the Pakistani man.

The local prosecutor will bring the criminal to trial for sexual violence. The victim herself denounced her rapist after she was told by the authorities what he did to her. She did not remember a single thing.

Yet another migrant crime and despite that, the leftist and EU-backed Italian government will not stop trying to pass the Ius Soli law, which would grant around 800k migrants the Italian citizenship. The same government which has not been elected and the same government which has opened the gates of the Mediterranean sea to the third world hordes.

The recent Austrian right-wing success bodes well for the right-wing scene all around Europe. Brexit was not just some hiccup, it was just the start of the awakening of the great continent called Europe.

Italy, if the new electoral law passes, will eventually have its elections next year and the people will finally have the chance to express what they really want and hopefully put an end the leftist cultural suicide.

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