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News » Islam » Sudanese Muslim shooter in Nashville is a black power Radical

Sudanese Muslim shooter in Nashville is a black power Radical

Sudanese terrorist arrested

Seven people were shot in the Antioch Church attack, one of them, a woman died. The shooter is a Sudanese Muslim immigrant.

The 25-year-old Emanuel Kidega Samson is not your common crazy shooter, but rather a radical terrorist kind of shooter. A review of his social media accounts reveals that Emanuel has a history of sharing pro-Islam and anti-western posts. Anti-police posts are also easily found on his timelines.

All the victims of this attack were white, all of them. This is yet another black on white crime. A real hate crime, unlike the multiple failed stunts pushed by the mainstream media or the insane story of the Scottish man arrested for teaching the Nazi salute to his dog as a joke.

Ironically, Emanual shared on his facebook a video from Mic that claimed: “You’re more likely to be killed by a white man than a Muslim terrorist.” He also shared content by other media outlets claiming that “white extremism” should not be ignored.

But what about “black extremism,” how many people are victims of this so-called “white extremism,” when will blacks stop getting away with violence on white people? When will the mainstream media cover these accidents without prejudice against whites?

Without a doubt, Emanual probably supports Black Lives Matter, another group well known for being keen on violence and promoting hate towards white people and cops, a movement that is still depicted as a peaceful activist group by the mainstream media.

Emanuel Kidega Samson is a reverse Dylan Roof, but the narrative being pushed around is completely different.

Blacks, who are around 13% of the population, commit 56% of violent crimes and many of their victims tend to be white. How come blacks are never guilty of hate crimes? Have we already forgotten the BLM supporting black kids who kidnapped a disabled white kid and tortured him?

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