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The Lies Behind the Innocence of Rohingya Muslims

Rohingya Muslims

Muslims account for less than 10% of Myanmar population, sectarianism is rising in the state.
Why do you ask? The mainstream media would say that the Buddhists are to blame for their intolerance and violence towards the Muslim minority. This is far from the real truth.

In the last days, we have been bombarded by news about the unrest and violence in Myanmar, hundreds of pictures of misplaced civilians and soldiers everywhere. How did we get to this point?

As previously stated Muslims are a “small” minority but as they have shown us Europeans they can be very loud and violent when they decide to impose their beliefs on us. A Buddhist monk interviewed said that Muslims are devouring the Burmese people, destroying Buddhism and the Buddhist order. Muslims are using violence to impose Islam and establish Myanmar as an Islamic country. Where have we seen this before? In every country with a Muslim minority.

The same Monk compares Muslims to African carps, saying that they breed rapidly, have violent behavior, eat its own kind and other fishes. Even though they are a minority the Burmese people have been suffering a great deal because of them, knife attacks, ambushes on soldiers, violence on women and civil war.

All of this happened while the majority of Burmese people tolerated them without ever harming them but this didn’t stop the Muslims from acting as they often do, as violent conquerors. This situation has driven some of the Buddhist monks to violence, yes the monks of one of most peaceful religions and philosophies are fighting back.

The Rohingya were also responsible for an insurgency in western Myanmar from 1947 until 1961, after the insurgency was stopped the remnants of the Islamists rose up against the government again with guerrilla warfare.

The most recent Rohingya attacks used to be dated in 2016 but during the early hours of the 25th August 2017, up to 150 insurgents launched coordinated attacks on 24 police posts and an army base in Rakhine State, leaving 71 dead. This attack prompted the counterattack of the government forces which started the Rohingya crisis the mainstream media keeps talking about.

The Myanmar government is certainly not the pillar of democracy or enlightenment but what is happening in Myanmar is not some evil ethnic cleansing based on racism but a firm and strong response to the perpetrated violence of a small minority that refuses to live in peace. Clearly, civilians are getting caught in the crisis but the jihadist knew this would happen and Muslims aren’t new to these tactics, using civilians as human shields.

The Rohingya are not innocent, the Burmese people are defending themselves, their country, their identity, their religion, their existence.

This news has an impact on us all. Especially us in Europe. It would be very naive of us, considering trends in world conflict, to overlook the fact that these people could soon be taken in by us. This is, perhaps, the reason why the mainstream media are covering their story here.

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