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Italian Priests fight back: “What’s the meaning of hosting a Muslim in a Church?”

Italian Priests fight back:"What's the meaning of hosting a Muslim in a Church?"

Just recently Pope Francis visited the Italian city of Bologna, his visit sparked a debate. Soon it will be the first International poverty day and Archbishop Zuppi had the wonderful idea of inviting the migrants hosted in a nearby hub in Mattei Street to the parishes of the city. Of the 90 parishes, only 20 accepted his proposal.

One of the leaders of the “rebellious” Priests is Don Antonio Rota who stated: “It could be a good initiative, but we should really ask ourselves what is the meaning of hosting a Muslim in a Church?” “It is not an easy task to put two different religious worlds together, I have my doubts about that.” Don Rota is not alone, Don Giovanni Silvagni is very doubtful about this initiative, saying that all Parishes are trying their best to be prepared for the upcoming Poverty Day in order to invite poor families and people in need of charity, not necessarily migrants. He also stated that it is a big mistake to use the word poverty and think only about migrants, implying that there are also many poor Italian families who could use some help.

Since the rise of the latest Pope, Francis, many things have changed in the Catholic Church. Especially in the last two years, Pope Francis has spent more time talking about politics and migrants than God. Many believers and people inside the high ranks of the Church are starting to feel very dissatisfied, and rightfully so. We are talking about the Pope who openly advocates for Muslim Mass Immigration. Inviting people who hate us and despise any European Religion, especially Christianity. No sane Pope would advocate for such a suicidal act.

These 70 Priests are not the first to go against the “New Church” and will not be the last. Catholicism is a strong part of Italian Identity and the millions of believers won’t be fooled by the mad Pope in love with refugees and Islam.

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