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News » Islam » US Homeland Security Claims That ISIS Might Be Planning a 9/11 Style Attack

US Homeland Security Claims That ISIS Might Be Planning a 9/11 Style Attack


Elaine Duke, Trump’s Homeland Security Chief, suggests that ISIS might be planning attacks involving the use of planes; the same tactic used during the tragic 9/11 attack which caused thousands of casualties back in 2001.

ISIS has lost its stronghold in, Raqqa, Syria, to the US-backed forces, SDF, and lost most of its remaining territory in Syria and Iraq to Assad’s army and Iraqi forces. ISIS is not yet dead. It still holds considerable strength in Egypt and Libya.

Isis has been weakened but not defeated and the leaders might be planning a huge attack in the West. Their goal would be to imitate the 9/11 attacks in a show of strength or maybe as a last act of war before its inevitable capitulation.

Lately, Isis has been conducting small attacks like the infamous van attacks all around Europe in order to maintain relevancy and spread terror among Europeans. While Trump is attempting to strengthen American security measures with the introduction of a ban for countries well know for being terrorist ‘spawners’, European leaders are not focusing on the real issue: Muslim immigration.

Focusing on the United Kingdom, for example, tens of terrorist attacks happened in the recent months and the only solution that Prime Minister May and her supporters offered is internet censorship. At the same time, UK police spend most of its time fighting “hate crimes” and tweeting pictures of police officers painting their nails.

Mass immigration is the main reason terrorist behind the knife and van attacks which are becoming a common thing. The mainstream media barely reports on them and always avoids focusing on the real issues. Pretending that things are not happening or ignoring them will not fix anything. This is a nightmare and we need to wake up.

Closing our borders and applying bans from certain countries are the only two actions that could put an end to the widespread phenomenon that terrorism has become in Europe.

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