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News » Islam » 2 Suspected Muslim Terrorists Arrested in India for Planning Attack on Buddhists

2 Suspected Muslim Terrorists Arrested in India for Planning Attack on Buddhists

Rohingya Jihadists posing

Two suspected terrorists were arrested the 13th of September in the Indian region of Bihar.

Taushif Ahmad Khan and Sana Khan were arrested from a cyber café for planning a bombing attack towards the Buddhist community in the area as a response to the Burmese actions in Myanmar.

One of them, Taushif Ahmad Khan, is also suspected to have taken part in the Ahmedabad bombing attacks case in July 2008, which consisted of a series of 21 bomb blasts that killed 50 people and injured around 200. These attacks were likely executed by a network of Wahabi fundamentalists masquerading as Indian Mujahideen.

It is also suspected that Taushif was living in Bangladesh for a long time, which could explain his relationship with the Rohingya Muslims who are ethnically Bengali.

The two suspected terrorists were likely planning to attack Mahabodhi temple in Bodh Gaya in protest against the actions towards Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar by Buddhist followers. This is not the first time outsiders try to “help” the Rohingyas, earlier in 2013 Bodh Gaya was hit by series of bomb blasts when the clashes between Muslims and Buddhists were already ongoing in Myanmar.

The local Indian police are investigating the case, looking for files in the cyber café and have tightened up security around the Mahabodhi temple.

Yet another example of Wahabism and Islam destabilizing another region, which has been the victim of Islamist violence for decades. Pakistan is the greatest example, the state was born after years of conflicts and war in order to separate the Muslim population from the rest of the Indian population for their classic lack of interest in coexisting with others.

The mainstream media has bombarded us with pro-Rohingya propaganda but has any big name reported in the news about these terrorists? Of course, nobody did, it would not fit the narrative.

A narrative that is being pushed by many globalists and even by the Pope who openly defended the Rohingyas.

I have said it already and I will say it again, the Rohingya are not victims, they are not innocents. What is happening now is the results of decades of violence and the Muslim refusal to coexist.

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