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Italy: 2 Foreigners Attack Club with Weapons Shouting “Allah Akbar”

2 foreigners assault Club yelling “Allah Akbar” wielding weapons

Moments of terror in the Italian city of Florence. 2 foreigners, one Moroccan and one Albanian both in their 30s, assaulted a music club with a knife and a metal bar and were luckily stopped by the security hired by the club owners.

One of the members of the security team told Italian press that the attackers were truly trying to kill people, not just scare them, as he was almost stabbed in the neck by the man carrying the knife. The witness describes how one of the attackers kept yelling in Arabic which caused even more panic and a wild stampede which fortunately did not cause any victim.

Everything started around 2am when the attackers were stopped by the bouncer. The 2 foreigners flew off the handle and one of them kicked the bouncer. Immediately after, the other one broke a bottle and threw it at the club employees. After the initial violence they left. On their way they vandalized some cars and after a while came back armed and assaulted the club as previously described.

The security dealt with the attackers professionally without any serious wounds while both attackers were sent to the hospital with broken bones and small traumas and later arrested.

Foreigners have been committing numerous violent attacks in Italy in the recent months. Last week a North African gang stopped a train and assaulted the passengers and the train conductor. This week the same gang, as the Italian newspaper Il Giornale reports, has caused chaos in a supermarket stealing bottles of alcohol and assaulting and threatening the workers. Yes, you read that right, we are talking about the same gang and the only reason why these thugs are still free is that they are underage which apparently excuses them from being arrested.

The situation in Italy is becoming unbearable as 66% of Italian positioned themselves against immigration in a survey held by il Giornale. Italians are tired of their incompetent leftist government and the traitorous European Union.

The will of the people is clear, will anyone listen?

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