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13 November: 2 Years of Terrorism After the Paris Attacks

Today is the second anniversary of the Paris terror attacks which killed 130 people. The biggest aggression on French soil after the Second World War. Everything started with an explosion nearby the stadium “Stade de France” followed by other attacks with automatic weapons around the capital, among them the Bataclan massacre.

Today we remember the victims of Muslim terrorism that were unjustly killed that day, but also the hundreds of lives destroyed by the numerous attacks all around Europe in the last 2 years starting from that damned 13th November in 2015.

Brussels attacks (Belgium), 22nd March 2016:

3 explosions in the Belgian Capital killed 32 people and injured more than 300


Nice truck attack (France), 14th July 2016

A truck driven by a Tunisian ran over people who were busy watching fireworks for the celebration of the Bastille day, killing 86 and injuring 302.


The attack on the Church of Saint Etienne du Rouvray (France), 26th July 2016:

2 Franco-Algerians, armed with knives, burst into a small church in Normandy and killed a priest called Jacques Hamel, 86 years old, slitting his throat and then taking some believers as hostages. A clear act of religious supremacy, very typical of Islam.


The truck attack at the Christmas market in Berlin (Germany), 19th December 2016

A Tunisian man managed to get his hands on a truck and plowed through the people shopping at the Christmas market, killing 12 and injuring 56. The terrorist was then killed sometime later in Italy by 2 policemen.


The Louvre attack in Paris (France), 3rd February 2017:

An Egyptian man armed with a knife tried to attack a group of French soldiers but was killed before he could harm anyone.


The Westminster bridge attack in London (England), 22nd March 2017:

A Pakistan with English citizenship ran over 55 bystanders on the Westminster bridge, killing 4, and then stabbed and killed a policeman before being put down.


The Stockholm attack (Sweden), 7th April 2017:

4 People, among them a young girl, were ran over and killed by an irregular migrant from Uzbekistan; 12 were injured.


Policeman murdered in Paris (France), 20th April 2017:

An Algerian with French Citizenship shot and killed a policeman, then wounded 2 more and a tourist before being killed by the police force.


Bomb attack at the Ariana Grande concert in Manchester (England), 22nd May 2017:

A Libyan man born in the UK suicide-bombed the Ariana Grande concert, filled with teenagers, killing 22 and injuring 250.


The London Bridge attack (England), 3rd June 2017:

A Moroccan, a Pakistani and an Algerian killed 8 bystanders with knives and injured 48.


Barcellona attacks (Spain), 17th August 2017:

A van ran over and killed 13 people in the Ramblas and injured 130. 5 North African suspected of being the men behind the attack are later killed before they could attempt a second massacre.


Knife attacks in Turku (Finland), 18th August 2017:

2 women are stabbed to death by a Moroccan, 8 bystanders were injured.


The bomb attack in the London Underground (England), 15th September 2017:

A handmade bomb injured 30 people in the London Underground. The terrorist who did this is yet to be found but the attack was claimed by Isis.


Knife attack in Marseille (France), 1st October 2017:

2 young girls are stabbed to death by a Moroccan.


Hundreds of deaths and over 1000 wounded in 2 years, only counting the attacks here listed which are the most important. Let’s also consider that over 100 attacks were also prevented thanks to the various heroic actions of police forces and secret services all around Europe.

Islamic terrorism has been a European problem for years now, the death toll keeps rising but the people guilty of causing this terrible trend will not stop pushing for the insane multicultural open border madness. These politicians have their hands full of European blood, the right word that should be used to describe them is Traitors.

Islam as a religion is openly supremacist, coexistence is impossible.


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