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Replacement Migration: Average IQ Scores Dropping Across Europe

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Due to more desirable living conditions and better education, IQ scores in the Western world have largely increased since the 1930s. This is known as the Flynn Effect. This trend, however, has not only plateaued in recent years, it’s actually reversed.

In France, a study was carried out by Edward Dutton and Richard Lynn in 2015 which concluded that IQ score levels are currently dropping by around 4 points per decade. Similar results have been echoed across Europe as academics from Brussels, Amsterdam and Ireland found similar results in a 2013 study, and tests carried out in Denmark and the UK have anticipated the same.


Dutton and Lynn put this change down to “biological causes”, namely; replacement migration and the dysgenic effect of intelligent people having fewer children.


Replacement Migration and Average IQ Scores

We know that Western women are having fewer children than the recommended figure of 2.1 which is required for the population to stay the same. We also know that non-European women who migrate to Europe have a higher average fertility rate than 2.1. This, on top of the crippling immigration figures that are taking place in current times, is resulting in the population replacement of native European people.

To bring this back to the drop in IQ scores, the average score of native European people is way higher than the average score of the people we are currently being replaced by.

To give a few examples, the average IQ score in the UK, Germany and France is 100, 99 and 99 respectively. Your IQ score comes from a combination of your genes and environmental factors and this is an important thing to remember when we consider the average IQ score of non-Europeans in Europe.

The UK has a growing Pakistani population who originate from a country that has an average IQ score of 84. This is similar to the picture being painted in Germany with their Turkish population (average score of 90) and France with their Moroccan population (average score of 84).

Asylum seeker applications in Europe come in waves and are dependant on world stability. In the UK, for example, a lot of people applied for asylum that originated from Zimbabwe in the year 2009 and a lot of people applied for asylum that originated from Iran in the years 2010 and 2011. Zimbabwe and Iran have average IQ scores of 82 and 84 respectively. In the present day, asylum seekers from Syria and Libya are applying by the masses for refugee status in Europe. The average IQ score in both Syria and Libya is 83.

We can easily begin to see here how having a lower percentage of high-IQ native Europeans and having a higher percentage of lower-IQ non-native people in Europe has had a negative effect on our countries’ average IQ scores.

The findings above have simply confirmed what we knew all along. That is that mass open door immigration from non-European countries is having hugely negative economical and social implications on our nations.

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