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Immigrant Arrested on Suspicion of Swedish Mosque Arson

The main mosque in the central Swedish city of Örebro was partially destroyed in a fire early on Tuesday morning.

Soon after the fire had been extinguished, suspicions arose that it might have been caused by arson. As usually happens when a mosque or refugee centre burns, the MSM began rubbing their hands with excitement, hoping that the perpetrator would turn out to be a “right-wing extremist”.



The King of Sweden even visited the site to show his compassion, claiming that this was a “sad day for Örebro and for all of Sweden”.

However, the media’s hopes of turning this into a sob story focusing on the poor, persecuted Swedish muslims seem to have been dashed, as the 20-year-old now arrested on suspicion of the arson is an alleged immigrant from El Salvador and a former worshipper at the mosque. The suspect is said to have been an Islamic convert, who then left the religion when divorcing his wife.

The collapsed narrative of the MSM should come as no surprise, given that mosque arsons in Sweden tend to either be caused by the worshippers themselves, or by the age-old conflict between the Sunni and Shia branches of Islam.



The district of Örebro that is home to the mosque, Vivalla, is infamous for being one of the most “culturally enriched” areas of Sweden. Dozens of young men from this area have made the journey to Iraq and Syria to fight for the Islamic State. Upon returning to Vivalla, some have been given state-subsidised employment (it’s Sweden after all, what would you expect?) while others have started university. The chairman of the Horn of Africa society in Örebro, Mahdi Mohamud, has said that “everyone in society is responsible for re-integrating those who have returned.”

In 2015, the Swedish Security Service revealed that the mosque’s premises had been used for the recruitment of terrorists.

Before becoming infested with multiculturalism, Vivalla was mostly famous for being the setting of the enormously popular sitcom “Svensson, Svensson”.

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