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Hungary: Useful Idiots Cheer For Soros

Anti-Orban protest in Hungary.

In what was said to be the largest anti-government protest in years, some 70,000 people marched in the Hungarian capital of Budapest on Sunday 9th April to protest against the potential closure of a Soros-funded university.

The new law is part of a larger crackdown on the activities of Hungarian-born Jew George Soros, who is being exposed as the bank-roller of mass migration and pro-European Union causes all across the continent, in no small part thanks to the endeavours of Viktor Orbán’s ruling Fidesz party.

The protest however, proves how much influence Soros holds in the minds of young people in Hungary and in the wider European continent. Even though the closure of the university will be a good thing for the Hungarian nation, his loyal foot-soldiers will still go out on the streets and protest directly in contrast with their own interests.

On a more pleasing note, this does also demonstrate exactly how little a mass protest represents the wider public opinion. Hungarians are amongst the most content with their political leaders right across the European continent, with approval of Orbán’s hard-line approach to immigration particularly welcomed, demonstrated in a recent referendum which saw 98.36% of the Hungarian people vote against the EU migrant quotas that the Hungarian government opposed.

But seriously, the level of gaslighting here is astounding. Protesters could even be heard screaming that they would resort to violence if the law passed by the democratically elected Hungarian government was passed.

Violence, against a democratic process they dislike, because Soros told them to?


It is exactly this type of civil disorder than Orbán’s crackdown on Soros-funded NGOs aims to prevent. Of course, being the international hyena that he is, George Soros was never going to go down without a fight – expect to see the beginnings of a “colour revolution” in Hungary at some time in the not-so-distant future.

Hungary’s nationalist agenda goes against the ‘Open Society’ world view of Jewish billionaire George Soros, who is suspected to be behind a number of nation-wrecking movements such as Black Lives Matter, as well as being one of the prime financiers of the mass movement of Africans and Asians to the European continent in recent years.

Unlike our weak western governments however, Orbán is more than capable of holding his nerve through a few minor instances of leftist screeching, so we can be safe in the knowledge that this law will be passed soon enough and Soros’ influence will be firmly booted out of at least one European nation.

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