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Hungary Completes Second Anti-Invasion Border Fence

In the last week, the Hungarian authorities have finished work on their latest instalment of a series of fences to protect their border.

This second fence, located on a 155-kilometre stretch of the Hungary/Serbia border, is being billed as a ‘smart fence’, complete with motion sensors, heat sensors, cameras, night-vision cameras and speakers that offer warning messages in 5 different languages. Hungarian Interior Minister Karoly Kontrat hailed the new fence as a necessary measure to protect not only Hungary’s borders, but also the external borders of the European Union.

Towns on the Hungarian border have been the scenes of ugly clashes between police and illegal immigrants.

“Hungary is defending its border, and the Schengen zone at the same time,” Kontrat said at a press conference at the border town of Roszke on Friday, a place that became a migrant hotspot at the height of the invasion in the summer of 2015. This was also the scene of many high-profile clashes between illegal immigrants and the police, some of which gathered the predictable, sycophantic condemnations from “international organisations”.

In a radio broadcast, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban remarked that this fence would “ensure the security of Hungary’s borders for a long time”. Orban has been a long time critic of the European Union’s open door policy and is seemingly the only leader prepared to have a real debate about the impact of mass, non-white immigration.

Of course, such protective measures implemented on Hungary’s borders have been met with the usual slurs and derogatory descriptions from the mainstream media and European politicians, but then that is to be expected. If the likes of European Commission Vice-President Frans Timmermans have their way, the entirety of Europe’s external borders would be open to anyone from the third world who has a desire to come here.

This is the crux of the matter. Whether you are in favour of immigration or not, one must recognise that it is the right of the Hungarian people, via their elected representatives – who, by the way, have unprecedented support from their people – to determine who may and may not enter and settle in their country.

Third world migrants – or any migrant for that matter – do not have the divine right to pass through or settle in Hungary. The decisions regarding who may and may not live in Hungary is solely a matter for those native to Hungary, and those who the Hungarian people have been generous enough to allow to come from abroad to make Hungary their home. It is not for the EU Commission, the UN or any Soros-sponsored open borders protester to decree who should have the right to enter Hungary.

The Hungarian government are well within their rights to take any protective measures necessary to prevent anybody they see fit from entering their country. In fact, one could argue that it is the duty of the governments of nations with a land border to take such measures, for their failure to do so is a failure to protect their citizens, the primary function of any state. This lack of willingness to protect the borders also displays a chronic absence of care for the people, to the benefit of the third world migrants currently invading our lands.

We applaud the Hungarian government for their latest protective endeavours, and we wish to see their borders safe and secure without interference from foreign powers and unelected bureaucrats.

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