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Defeated: Far-Left Hope Not Hate Barraged by Farage

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Following a courtroom battle, Nigel Farage has walked away victorious from a tussle with communist leaders at the Hope not Hate organisations, who had sought to bankrupt him with nonsensical legal action.

The Far-left extremist group had demanded £100k in damages from Brexiteer hero Nigel Farage, after comments made by Mr Farage regarding the group’s history of organising violent protests.

The presiding judge outright refused to grant the group an undertaking and in a further blow ordered the group to settle Mr Farage’s considerable legal expenses.

Following the case, the deceitful Hope Not Hate claimed victory on social media, but Mr Farage quickly countered and explained that he had paid no damages to the group and had so far made no apology for his remarks.

In a press release today, Mr Farage commented:

“Despite them demanding up to £100k in damages, I have not paid them a penny; they demanded an apology that I have not given; and they demanded an undertaking to the court, which they did not get. In addition, they have been forced to pay my thousands in costs.”

Mr Farage pointed out that HNH’s failed legal action now appears to have been a foolish waste of their donor’s cash.

“This is a case Hope Not Hate should never have brought, which has been a complete waste of their donors’ money,” he said.

Hope Not Hate brought the legal action following Mr Farage’s stunningly successful Brexit campaign, they claimed that Mr Farage’s description of their activities was false and damaging. The group exploited pro-EU peoples’ anger with Mr Farage to raise funds for the case.

However, Mr Farage doubled down on his claims and highlighted how members of Hope Not Hate had laid seige to a country pub where his family were attempting to have dinner.

Far-left group lays seige to Nigel Farage

The Far-left Group has a long history of organising often violent confrontations with otherwise peaceful nationalist groups, including on one occasion where a communist activist had thrown darts at patriotic activists.

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