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Henry Bolton OBE, Establishment Mole or Nationalist Dark Horse?

Henry Bolton OBE Leader of UKIP

In a surprise twist, the UKIP leadership poll was won by a relatively unknown candidate named Henry Bolton. Social media users claim to be shocked at the result after Anne Marie Waters became odds on favourite among bookies, and had by far the largest and loudest following of any candidate online.


Conspiracy theories already abound on Twitter with some users claiming the vote was rigged, and some calling him an outright plant in order to neuter UKIP and hobble Brexit, or the anti-Islam campaign Anne Marie Waters had become known for, indeed the very first question at his press conference was a journalist asking if he was an “establishment mole” due to his extensive credentials and experience working with entities including the EU and UN.



It’s immediately clear that Bolton is an establishment man, but this doesn’t preclude him being a patriot and nationalist. Bolton graduated from Royal Military Academy Sandhurst as best overall cadet at the end of the 70s, a period long before political correctness was a concern, into an army fighting at the peak of The Troubles, against Marxist terrorists, a role in which he remained for nearly 20 years, also serving in Kosovo, Bosnia and later Afghanistan.



Bolton went on to serve in the Territorial Army, before joining the Thames Valley Police where he was awarded for outstanding bravery. Then he worked for a variety of organisations including the UN and Organisation for Security and Co-operation in Europe in Kosovo as a border security expert and diplomat.


Though Henry Bolton worked for the EU he has never been a fan of the EU project and has made his views clear that ensuring British security is a higher priority than cooperation:

The Government’s proposals mean that, in reality, parts of our military and security capabilities will remain in and partly subordinate to the EU whilst the rest of us leave. This is very similar to the situation Norway finds itself in today, where military and foreign policy is dictated to them by the EU. It’s nothing more than a sell-out;”


Many of Anne Marie Waters fans joined her due to her vocal anti-Islam street campaigning with people such as Tommy Robinson and have criticised Bolton for what they perceive as a weakness and unwillingness to deal with Islam, but a close look into his history and it’s clear he has in fact done more to counter the growing threat of Islam in Europe than Anne Marie could ever hope to.

During his time in Kosovo as a district governor he denied permission for Muslims to build a mosque in a non-Muslim area saying “it’s aim was to provoke, intimidate & dominate”, and responded to accusations of being anti-Muslim with “No, I’m anti cultural and ethnic cleansing.”

Further, he’s published a response detailing the steps he believes should be taken to resolve what he personally called the “Islamic Question” including:

  1. Stopping foreign funding of Mosques and Independent schools which he says “encourage a sense Muslim communities stand separately to British society”
  2. Taking the Treason Act back out of the Public Order Act and making it “fit for purpose” by including provisions against the planning, preparing, assisting or collecting information on how to commit a terrorist act, as well the committing or attempt to commit a terrorist act, with the purpose of undermining UK state institutions, the economy or social cohesion.
  3. Teach Christianity as the basis for the British Constitution and Law.
  4. The use of foreign, islamic text books in UK schools must cease.
  5. Vetting foreign Imams, and ensuring all Imams in the UK are British trained with authority for the home office to deny licenses.
  6. Punishing individuals who go abroad to fight for terrorist organisations
  7. Increasing the Border Force and reversing Police cuts
  8. Curtailing immigration from Muslim communities
  9. Enacting legislation to ensure that public enforcement of Sharia law is illegal, and that Sharia law has no lawful authority in the UK.
  10. Refusing to accept asylum applications from people who have transited other safe countries.


Bolton has also made his opposition to the Alt-Left well known, correctly pointing out that it was the Left responsible for the terror headlines of the 70s and 80s and that modern day “‘Antifa’ and others clearly intimidate the public and approach the definition of terrorism.” and stated that Leftist atrocities like Stalin’s should also be taught in schools along with the Holocaust.

He’s been vocal about attempts to remove statues and rewrite British history;

So called political correctness is deterring the expression of legitimate opinions. Left-wing extremists seek to re-write our history, tear down our monuments and condemn anyone who raises a voice in protest. They are attempting to dismantle our identity and social cohesion”


Although some fear an establishment takeover to neuter UKIP it seems that Henry Bolton may be as close as we’re likely to get in the current political climate to a Nationalist politician. A man who puts our country above others, speaks of the survival of our National Identity and has directly criticised the far-left, even specifically naming their program of population replacement and cultural Marxism.


Having once been the one of the largest parties in Britain – winning more votes than any other party at the 2014 European Parliament election – UKIP has declined to a fringe party, unable to even hold a youth conference without being hounded by the far left because unlike Anne Marie Waters they have no experience in street politics and no plan to counter allegations of being “far right” or racist. Especially when their leadership candidate appears to be a one trick pony only capable of discussing Islam. If anything, the election result appears to have silenced the endless accusations of racism the media would have tarred UKIP with had Anne won.

One issue Bolton may have to face is alienation of some of the UKIP base who mistakenly feel he labelled them Nazis. An accusation that is being repeated by Anne Marie Waters as much as possible; although reading his actual words it’s apparent he did not call anyone specific a Nazi and merely warned that UKIP was in danger of becoming known as a “Nazi Party” if the wrong person was at the helm and made the vilification of a single race their primary focus.

Henry Bolton may appear to have the credentials of an establishment mole, but he may also be capable of leading UKIP into the political fray and helping change UK politics, until the benefit of the British Isles and her people is the primary focus once more.

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