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Hamburg Stabbing: Mentally Unstable Islamist Grabbed Knife

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(UPDATE on Hamburg Supermarket stabbing) This article has been updated as more details became available.  The number of attackers has been revised from two to one, and further details of attacker emerged.

“Mentally-unstable Islamist” Shouts “Allah Akbar” During Hamburg Supermarket Attack

A stabbing attack occurred Friday afternoon in the streets of Hamburg, Germany.  A 50 year old man has been killed, and six others injured.


The attack started when a man grabbed a large kitchen knife from the shelf at Edeka supermarket in Fuhlsbütteler Street, Hamburg.  A witness described the attackers shouting “Allah Akbar”, before striking at shoppers with the knife, leaving one dead and six injured.  The attacker then ran from the scene. He was captured by police after five or six witnesses surrounded him and began hitting him with chairs. Photographs taken shortly afterwards showed the blood-smeared terrorist handcuffed in a police vehicle, with a white hood covering his face.

Attacker a 26-year old Palestinian rejected asylum seeker.

 The attacker has now been described as a 26 year old Palestinian man.  He had applied for refugee status in Germany, but his application had been declined, and he was due to be deported shortly.  The deportation had been delayed as the man had no identification.

He was known to German security services and had previously been classified as “mentally unstable, radicalised, islamist”. Hamburg Interior Minister Andy Grote stated that despite this information, the man wasn’t considered to be dangerous, as there was no information linking him to an imminent attack.

Although initial reports lead police to search for a second man, they have discarded that theory.  A large police presence was evident at the scene, with dozens of sub-machine gun armed police, homicide investigators, ambulances, and a helicopter circling overhead.

This most recent terror attack in Germany may put pressure on politicians ahead of the general election.  Security and migrants are likely to be a central theme of the September 24 vote.

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